Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Pattys Day,Second Time Around

Top of the mornin' to you Lads and Lassies,This morning I am have chosen to be a bit of a SKIVER,and I apoligize that my photo is a bit shite,as the leprechans have caused shenanigans at my house! Those sneaky leprechans have left me shattered,knackered and wrecked all due to the fact that my own Irishman has to work late today! Usually on St. Pattys Day it is his day...
A day where he cooks Corned Beef,Irish potatoes...and the works....
A day where the Green Beer flows freely....
It is the day I too become Irish for a wee bit!
For my dear Irishman Jimmy today is as important as Valentines Day is to a woman!
Every year since we have dated I gift him with a leprechan...and although he has to work and make a bit ol' the green today...even though our celebration will begin late...I shall do my best to keep tradition alive! Do you like the prim little fellow he is getting this year? I made it for him...and bought him a book ( at the thrift store...looks new though...I shall assume my secret tis' safe with ye') called THE FECKIN' BOOK OF EVERYTHING IRISH!
It is filled with Irish slang,Irish songs and beloved Irish songs!
I shall share with you a bit of Irish expressions and their meanings......
tick as a cow's arse-really stupid (as in him working today)
thick as pig shite-excessively stupid (as in eating corned beef after 10pm)
useful as a lighthouse on a bog-totally useless(as in the person whom wrote his schedule and caused him to be working today)
wouldn't work to warm himself-he's really lazy(of course not my Jimmy...the other manager)
stall the ball there-wait a second(as in I just thought of something)

Alas...I must go to the store....I shall brew up some Irish Coffee..it shall keep me awake till the we late hours...the leprechans shall do the wild jig as there will be a celebration after all!
I shall share with ye' the recipe:
INGREDIENTS: 1 measure irish whiskey
2 tsp sugar
freshly made hot black coffee
2-4 tsp whipped cream
METHOD: Warm Whiskey in microwave for 30 seconds
Pour whiskey into a warmed 7 ounce Coffee glass
Add sugar
Fill with hot coffee to with-in half an inch of the top of glass
Stir until sugar is dissolved
Spoon the whipped cream on top and serve immediately
Happy St. Pattys Day to all...Irish or not...I'll start to slam these wonderful coffee as soon as I get them made....and if for some reason the Irish whiskey should cause my Italian eyes to be Sleepin...at least his Irish eyes will be smilin...OPEN the oven door me' Jimmy...
Tis an Irish feast in the oven for you....

Irish cheer ladies...please join all the other gals at Dianes Blog for their Second time Around treasures...click here on the IRISH COFFEE to get you there!


  1. The sayings are really funny...great post.

  2. Jane, LOL!

    I love the leprechaun you made. Ye are a very talented lassie!

    Here's wishin' ye and Johnny a bit of green cheer,

    A peck of good wishes,

    And a pint of green beer!

    Happy St. Paddy's Day, my green fabric friend!


    Sheila :-)

  3. Thanks for sharing your green!

  4. Top of the Morn' to you Lassie!!!!
    Happy Day of the Green.... :)
    Jane, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. We adopted this wee one and he is the smartest kid. BUT, we deal with a lot too. It is so nice to hear from you.
    By the way, your work is so good!
    Take care, Rita

  5. Lady Jane is steaming mad...look at that green steam coming out of her ears...sorry yer favorite Irishman has to work! But he's going to love the leprechuan you made him! Love that red hair!!! True Irish red!!! And the book, too (it DOES look brand new!)...and all the good eats! The Irish sure know some good recipes...

  6. What a fun and green post!! lol
    I am sorry yer Irishman has no time for cookin' but surely he will find time for an Irish Coffee or a green beer?? That is the cutest leprechuan ever...
    I would make this coffee in a New York minute if I could have the whiskey...too many blood thinners I am takin', tho!!
    Happy St. Paddy's Day!

  7. where have u been girl? You dont come visit me anymore :(

  8. HAHAHA Such a cute and funny post! Happy belated St. Paddy's Day.


    P.S. How many of those Irish drinks did you have last night?

  9. Hope you had a Happy St. Patrick's day! I am now caught up on reading your blog. I have gotten behind on blog reading. Going down the list and reading the posts I missed. For some reason your blog does not update on my Dashboard so I never know when you have posted. I don't know why it does that.