Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vintage Thingy Thursday...Do you see a pattern here?

Here it is ...Another Vintage Thingy Thursday...where we gather up our vintage treasures and share with our lovely Suzanne over at link to Mr. Linky and go on a virtual vintage tour! Of course you see a pattern here!
Today I am sharing a few of my Vintage Patterns...Vogue,McCalls,and Simplicity!
A few weeks ago at an estate sale I found a lovely Vogue size...featuring a lovely black and white polka-dot blouse...and there with it was 3 yards of fabric...yep black and white satin polka-dot! The original price on the pattern was 75 cents...the original tag on the fabric $1.29 a yard!
Now this lovely intention of a sweet in vogue lady had been tucked away together in a bag!
Why did she not finish...or start this project?
Perhaps she had laundry!
I have laundry!
Perhaps she needed to start spring cleaning instead!
I need to start Spring Cleaning!
Perhaps she needed to go relax(?) and begin her garden!
Oh I have digging to do too!
Perhaps she just did not have time....sigh...I do not have time!
So do you see the pattern here...again?
Perhaps I shall just carefully place the pattern and fabric back into the bag she stored it in all these years,future generations shall find it...a true treasure! Perhaps the black and white polka-dot will be in Vogue again...perhaps.....
See a pattern here?
Hmmmm....I was just thinking...perhaps I shall have a new excuse...a MUCH better one...I need to get over to Suzannes...I have MUCH blogging to do.....If you CLICK here... we can get over to share in all the Vintage treasures....And oh please...SOMEONE....have a lovely set of a beautiful CHINA PATTERN to share.....
For I have carefully wrapped this Vintage Treasure Away!


  1. Had to laugh because I have a pattern (uncut) with the fabric, thread and zipper still in the store bag sitting in my closet from the 80's. I can say that's never going to get made (by me). Well, I love your story-telling; I can relate.

  2. Love your post. I like to sew, too, but seldom find the time any more. I love old patterns, it's funny if you look at the new patterns today, you see the old styles are coming back.

  3. I love your post. I have seen at estate sales lately lots of patterns in bags with fabric, notions everything...just like there was just no time to get to it, just like you said. And let me say, these finds are snatched up quick! Thanks for posting today, wonderful post. Have a great VTT.

  4. Love those patterns, Jane. Really neat, and they would look great today!



  5. Such elegant "frocks" from a much more elegant time.

  6. What a fun post!! Someone else had an 'unfinished project' problem besides me. Thanks for sharing this on VTT. Sally

  7. I can so relate to this post. I have really had to work hard at finishing what I start. That first pattern of the dress with the train is so cool.

  8. I'm so happy to know there are more pattern collectors like myself. I have so many things I need to do, so many I want to do..I wish I could stuff more hours into the day.
    I sure like your patterns..hope I get to see one of them made up. Happy VTT and have a lovely weekend.

  9. Love your post - I think I can relate to everything you said - I have laundry TOO!

  10. If you ever do sew your blouse I hope you do share it with us. Great finds.

  11. oohhh what a fun post!!..i love vintage patterns and yours are gorgeous, nice find :)

  12. ahhhhh.. your post reminds me of my aunt's sewing pattern.. she loves making her own dress.. and I love your post.. so funny.. hehehehe thanks for sharing.. have a great day!

  13. Thanks for the chuckle :)

    Love the pattern packs...that first dress is just wonderful!