Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A dozen days....

The countdown continues...twelve days until the next ultra-sound.....we can hardly wait to know!

Yesterday her visit went well at Drs. office....babys heartrate was at 151. If you believe in the old wives tale about heart-rate 150 and over suggests a girl....or a very "busy" lil' boy I guess!

The bedding she loves is quite pink....although she has seen some adorable boy bedding.....

The nursery theme will be based on a Cross-stich quilt she is working on....a "kingly" and all...and a girlie frog with her straw sunhat....and dragonflies...lots of adorable froggies...chasing dragonflies! Oh...this is going to be FUN!

And just incase you missed it...Have I told you I'm going to be a GRAMMY?????



  1. Halloo Lady Jane!

    Yer not HAPPY and EXCITED and OVER THE MOON about being a grandma, now are you??? LOL...

    "Think Pink!" -- got to admit I'm hoping for the ultrasound to show a lil' girl! But boys are nice, too...

    I love the froggie theme!!! That's going to be so cute and it's also something that can just grow and grow.

  2. It is definitely obvious that you are so excited! I am excited for you too.