Saturday, June 20, 2009

NIN DAYS...and if she could only make mine pink!

Well...the official count is down to nine days until the next ultra-sound! Again I pray for a healthy baby! I just hope that there IS a pink little bundle of joy in there...although I have a strong feeling it is a BOY! And this Grammy can do blue too.......I can hardly wait to know!!!!!!!
My neighbor and I went sale-in yesterday....I migrate to all the lovely little PINK neighbor migrates to all the blue and denim duds.......
Happy Weekend to you ALL!


  1. It is so hard to wait! Just keep thinking PINK! I know you'd love a grandson just as well but hey, while gender is unknown, why not root for a girl???!!! Having had a boy, I think girls are definitely more fun, LOL...

  2. I can tell by the title you are excited here! But I don't know what the rest of the post is supposed to say. Unless you are just teasing us......