Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vintage Thingy Thursday...and four days to ultra-sound

Hello all...I've truly missed you all...but I have been so busy...lots of moving and re-arranging here to fit in our new baby!
While in the attic (yep...more went up there to store) I stumbled across my old baby doll that I had as a child. The cradle belonged to my daughters. I was about 8 when Mr. Johnson an old antiquing buddy of my Dad gave it to me,I sure wish I knew how old it is! But there she was...boxed in all her pink glory!
I can see the cradle has had a little wear but I can easily turn the wear into a chic little cradle......

The countdown to my daughters ulta-sound shows us that she is having a little pink package! Ok...sigh...everyone know I want to be a pink or blue...I am still totally into this GRAMMY business...
BUT how fun will it be to pass on these Vintage treasures to my Grandbaby! Oh...and incase you haven't been following me lately...I really would love a Granddaughter,my daughter thinks I am so pink possesed lately that it will surely be a boy!
I can't wait to visit some of the girls over at
First I think I'd better go hide this pink evidence! And I'd love to re-do it and present it to her at her shower as a surprise...
Thanks for stopping! Continue to follow my countdown...and join me in a prayer for my first healthy little Gran-babe!
Hey...sometimes a gal will do anything to share the news!
Have I mentioned I'm going to be a Grammy?


  1. Jane, I am so there with you, I love being a Granny, I have 2 of each and they are all special in there own way, my first 2 were boys...sigh, soooo wanted a 3 boys of my own and 0 girls, I really, really wanted a girl, but then 2 little girls came along and I was one happy Granny.
    We will say special little prayers that the little one is first and foremost healthy and then,..maybe put in a word for a little I know no matter what it is you will be totally happy.
    I love the baby doll and I know if it's a girl Grandbaby she will love it too.

  2. I can already tell that you are going to be a great Granny! Love that cradle and the baby doll. Hope you get your wish, and you can pass it on to the next generation!

  3. congrats on your grammy~hood :)
    how sweet that you still have that baby and the doll cradle...hopefully it will be put to good use again soon...

  4. Congratulations! I love that dolly and I know she probably brings back a lot of wonderful memories.


  5. Poor future Grammy
    Her hands are gettin' clammy
    Her thoughts are twirlin' round
    As she waits for the ultrasound

    She's hoping her world is turning pink
    But you know what I think?
    Even if it's going to be a boy
    Grammy Jane will be filled with joy

    You will be such a good grammy! But don't wear yourself out, dearie!

  6. congratulations....that is exciting your little cradle, that is such a neat little treasure. It will not matter if the new little one is a boy or a girl, the excitement will be wonderful!!

    Have a great VTT!! Glad you are back...we missed you very much!

  7. Oh, congratulations on your little pink gran to be! How precious! I can tell you're a bit excited! ;) I know I would be - I don't have any grandchildren! :(
    How great that you found your little doll and that cradle. How appropriate!
    be a sweetie and thanks for the visit,
    Shelia :)

  8. Congratulations on being a granny! Keep us posted on wether it will be a boy or a girl! the cradle is lovely

  9. Are you going to be a granny????? Congrats! Such a cute keepsake from your childhood.

  10. Congradulations! I can tell you are going to have alot of fun as a Grammy...whether its a boy or a girl!

    Lovely little doll in her pretty cradle!

  11. Congratulation on becoming a did say you were going to be a grammy, didn't you?!! LOL! I hope you get that bundle of pink to share your adorable doll with.

  12. Being a grandma is the best! What a wonderful treasure you have there for a granddaughter.

  13. what wonderful news Jane & how exciting for you to know you're getting a little grand-daughter..the cradle will be perfect :)

  14. Hello Jane.. welcome back and what a great news! congrats.. am pretty sure you are going to be the best grandma any grandkid can have! the lil cradle will be a great to play with your grandkids.. have a great weekend..

  15. Being a grandmother is one of the best things in the world!'re going to love your new status!!

  16. Oooo, how wonderful it is to be a grandmother. I love little cradle and the lovely doll, and if a sweet baby girl, what fun you will have playing. Happy belated VTT..have a wonderful weekend.

  17. I love your baby doll and I LOVE the cradle she's in. Funny thing - - - I just went around my house the other day snapping pictures of things to include in future Vintage Thingies posts and one of the things I snapped was MY old baby doll.

    On Thursday when you visited my blog and left a lovely comment, I was internetless and having to go to the library to blog! I'm back up and running at home now and trying to make amends with folks I couldn't get to on Thursday. Thanks so much for your visit.

  18. I can tell you are very excited. Makes me wish I lived a lot closer to my granddaughter. She is in Florida and I am in California. Not fun to be so far apart. I have only seen her once so far and now she is 3!