Wednesday, July 8, 2009

REDNESDAY...SELLING the greatest show on earth!

Morning Ladies! Today I am participating in REDnesday over at My Secret Garden...with the delightful SUE in her Very Cherry World...her Blog-Home always make me feel cheery...or is that Cherry?
Well...ANYWAY...I want you all to grab a red may choose...from the little red garden babe...or the princess crown! I picked these tickets up from my dear ol Penniwig...WHO...sometimes scares me on what appears on her IF she knew what I needed.....And you all know I LOVE to give her a RUN for her stop in to see her...Her wonderful FREE GRAPHICS...and BE SURE to tell her that the WONDERFUL (LOL) FUN LADY JANE sent you!
And you ALL say...what are you selling tickets for LADY JANE????
WELL...Incase you did not know...Lady Jane is going to be a GRAMMY...And yesterday my Daughter had a 3-D and 4-D Session of Ultra-sounds.......AND...let me tell you ladies.....this was truly AMAZING!!!!!! You can see so much on these! We came away with a DVD...a movie (yep she has stared in her own movie already) . 80 something pictures and MEMORIES for a lifetime! this tecnical world...of which this Grammy is will have to right click and enlarge to see our little Princess...I believe she is waving and saying "Hello Grammy" in this pic!
And I promise that I will share more pics from this when I can figure out how to ENLARGE them!
I also had really thought that I was going to share the ultra-sound pic of her little heart...and the graph of the heartbeat( red---for REDNESDAY)...but I can't seem to bring it up!
So....I'll share it soon! on the REDNESDAY button above to go to Sues...
Click on the "RED" Crown go to Penniwigs!


  1. Congrats on a the "Granny" that is cool and you must be very excited. I can say I adore the graphic at the naughty Penniwig's site. She is a stinker isn't she!!!! :)

  2. Halloo Grammy-to-Be! And of a little princess, no less!

    Now you get to put some letters after yr name:

    Lady Jane, RGOAP, GIC, PPI

    Lady Jane, Royal Grammy of A Princess, Grammy-in-Chief, Pink and Proud of It

    Wow, that ultrasound is incredible! It makes it seem all the more real.

  3. Don't you just love the Dame's work? I've rarely seen one that I don't like!

    I like that phrase "Very Cherry World" - I think you've inspired me to change my blog name! But not yet, got to come up with a cool header first!

  4. Good afternoon Lady Jane,
    Congratulations on the prospect of becoming a grandmother! There is nothing more exciting (except having your own of course!}. I have four little guys; no little princesses yet! The Dame's work is very fun! One never knows what they're going to find there. Thanks for sharing your little one's 'picture' and have a great REDnesday!



  5. Have a great weekend Grandma Jane.. am sure the baby can't wait to see you too!.. I shall grab the red ticket for the next movie Grandma & grandbaby.. hehehehe..

  6. Dear Lady Jane,
    is that Penniwig gal not the funniest woman around...I kinda like those letters after your name.....
    I am so happy you are going to be a grammy and she is a princess....what a blessing...
    I'm looking forward to more posts
    Angel hugs

  7. She's waving, Jane, and she's saying, "I want that pink fabric with the rose. Not that one over that, but that one with the specks of blue. Yes, that's it, and I want that pink check fabric as the dust ruffle, and that smaller floral as accent pillows." I know what she's thinking before she ever emerges from her little cubbyhole where she's napping!


    Sheila :-)