Tuesday, July 14, 2009


HAPPY TUESDAY! Ok...no matter what meme a person is participating in today...have you ever looked around and said...girl you have to many treasures? Well at my house today I'm calling this post TOO Many Treasures because I have decided I have FAR to many treasures...and perhaps it is time to start the real de-stashing! This vintage jewel box filled with vintage jewelry and JUNK is one of the first to go!!!!!!!
Now....of course the day I say ...this is it...this stuff is getting listed on E-Bay and Craiglist...or perhaps I will start to offer to my blog buddies first....well thats the day GOOGLE goes wild AND my Kodak Camera has to have re-chargeables that refuse to re-charge! SIGH....that is it girls...this "Treasure Hunter" is loading up and going to the "FLEA MARKET"!
With making room for the new-grandbaby....we need space...and the extra $$$$$ won't be bad either...so follow me in the days to come as this Grammy Peddles her goods!
Oh...AND....lol....if anyone out there sees me at the flea market....I'll be the one with to much stuff......please don't offer to "watch my booth" so I can run to go potty or get some lunch...because once you've got the Treasures Fever it is hard to stop....and unless some of my treasures sell...where will I fit in the "treasures" I scooped up for the baby????????
Sigh....how could a Grammy pass up a vintage childs rocker? Ok...so there are already two at my house...BUT.....what if I need to participate in a ...THREE or MORE TUESDAY meme...and I want to post my "rocker collection"?
Ok....lets go over to Dianes and participate...click here to get there.....AND I don't blame you if you exit my blog quickly
Yep...this Grammy is off her rocker!!!!!!!!!


  1. Dear Jane, I know just how you feel. I buy too much, I can't help it I'm hooked.
    I have your blog saved on my favorites but it never lets me know when you have a new post...Humm will add a new and maybe it will work.

  2. Molly...Penniwig had told me too it never shows new posts....I have never been able to figure it out...SO...if someone knows how to get it to update posts...let me know!

  3. You know, I don't even know where my personal jewelry is! We've been renovating this house for over a year. Things get moved from one room to another. I'm lucky I still have a brain attached!

  4. I never get to see your new posts either --- wonder what gives?

  5. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who doesn't see your new posts. I am not savy enough to tell you how to fix it. Stephanie used to have that problem and I think she fixed it herself, but I am not sure. Go here to ask and maybe she can help you.


    Funny her post happens to be about butterflies.

    Good luck with trying to fix it.