Friday, August 21, 2009

It is a PHOTO-LESS GETRDONE FRIDAY it is GETRDONE FRIDAY which is hosted at our lovely CORGI-EXPRESS . Now since SHE has elected to have a photo-less Friday...I too shall take cue from her and follow... I shall share my...
1.) Finish little sewing projects for Jalina's Room
2.)Work on shower party favors
3.)Work on diaper cakes for shower centerpieces
4.) Work on gifts for Jalina Rose for shower
5.) Finish gift for Friend for shower Saturday
6.)Wrap prizes for shower..and finish the "homemade" ones
7.) Plan Menu for shower
8.)Go to church hall and put deposit on hall for shower
9.) Get shower invites in mail...or there will be NO shower
10.)Take a shower...sometime today...
11.)Finish scraping the batroom that is tore up...must be done before shower(baby shower...not MY shower)
12.Attempt to sand mural in my bedroom to prepare for primer
13. Buy MORE primer
14. Promise MYSELF to NEVER start so many get-r-done projects at one time
15.)Give up on posting any pictures today...follow NEW trends in posting
16.) REALIZE you have far to much to do AND get off this computer
17.)Stop crying.............
Ok...go over to our trendsetting corgi-express for(lol) Photo-less Get R Done Friday
AND then....
Come and Visit me...and BRING A PAINTBRUSH...PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Whew, Lady Jane, I'm exhausted just reading your list. I give you a 10 gun salute girl. BIG smile. Now I am going to take a shower. Company is coming and I am no ready.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. How you wrote this is soooo cute!!
    Didn't even miss the pics.

    You got an incredible amount of things done!!
    Don't think you really need any help at all.:)

    Blessings and thanks for coming by to see me.

    Barbara Jean

  3. Well, I DO have photos, and am no longer photo-less! So you get the prize this week! And, if you have mold to show, do not be embarrassed to take a picture of it - it would look great once the mold is removed! I showed OUR floors - and we were not aware they were in such an awful condition. But, we did not put anything over it to hide it - we did it RIGHT!!! That is the ONLY way to do it - the FIRST TIME!!! YOu have a long list of things to accomplish - and you'll be able to post again with us next week? Thanks for contributing!

  4. Oh Lady Jane, you are so cute and sassy...I love yer list...tee hee...I want to "shower" you with compliments for yer cleverness...

  5. Wow! I'm tired just reading your list! I'm a list maker myself. I hope it all comes together for you!

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  7. I would love to help you. Too bad I live so far away. Did you see the card I made for fellow blogger's 80th birthday? I posted it on my craft blog. I was thinking of using that butterfly portion to create that tag for the game you wanted to use a tag for. I can't find anymore of the CUTE AS A BUTTON thingys. But I can stitch the words on the tag. I also found another butterfly design in my cross stitch books. It should work pretty well. I better get cracking on it so you can have it for the shower. I think I should make it a vertical design so it hangs nicely from the bottle.