Friday, September 11, 2009

GET R DONE FRIDAY.... it is ...Friday again! And the coutdown continues till our princess Jalina Rose is to arrive! The Baby Shower is sneaking up on us very quickly,and there is so much to be done! Here is a peek at the sweet table goodies.....
I'm using my collection of milk glass containers..this should be so sweet!
Everything on the table will be pink and white!
Sorry my pics are a bit blurry(understatement) but you can see where the true focus is here anyway....
All of the wrappers have the adorable graphic of the baby either sitting or crawling...
This is just the start...I can hardly wait to post the completed " SHE'S SO SWEET" table pics from the shower!
OMG...the countdown to baby is 50 days!
OMG OMG...OMG...Nine days till the shower...Gotta go girls...with our first lamaze class tonight...this Grammy has got to get stuff done you all go over to the lovely blog of CLASSY is one busy girl! Congratulate her on her new venture...and come back my pretties to see the sweet progress!


  1. Thanks for participating in GET R DONE FRIDAY - such lovely goodies for the shower! Wish I could be one of the guests! The last picture with the baby topper is absolutely adorable! No baby could get a more superb welcome into the world as this one! You are a wonderful grammie already!!! ***hugs***

  2. I think the idea of milk glass is just brilliant! Milk for the baby! What a pretty pink confection of a shower you are whipping up!

    Gosh, 9 will be trotting that whole time...good luck with the Lamaze class, had forgotten about those...

  3. Wow! You have been busy! I am working on my surprise for you. Will send you an email....

  4. That 'tree' is adorable!!
    Great job and thanks for joining us on 3 or more.

    Barbara Jean

  5. I was just checking to see how the baby count down was going and stopped to also say Happy Pink Saturday...


  6. oops!

    I was just reading through your comments,and saw i put "thanks for joining us on 3 or more".

    What a dizzy redhead i must be.

    Do appreciate all your posts, and glad you joined us on GET R DONE FRIDAY!

    Now I'm off to see what else is happening over your way.

    barbara jean

    feel free to delete that other boo boo comment. =0)