Friday, October 30, 2009


Ok here we are...tis' Friday again..and it is time to Get R Done! Now you all know we are here at lady janes (that's me) waiting for our own little pumpkin to arrive....and there is only two days till Janelle's due date for those who are counting down with me!

So to pass the time you silly lot of seniors ( Corgi Momma) I have NOT gone into pumpkin farming........

And no...I have not set out in search of Jalina Rose in a pumpkin patch.....And no...this is not my fall decor...this is the pile of punkins' that need to be finished for an ALL SAINTS Day Dinner over at a church I do events and decorating for.

Now the order is only for 30 of these little sweet
centerpieces. And currently after being up most of the night here I have 20 done!

Now with only 10 more to go...what do you suppose I'm doing...yep...running around bloggie-land...
Did get a few things done here though......went over to my dear Penniwigs...the Ol' Dame is having a PRIZE giveaway...ends soon..hurry and get over there..and be sure to say something NICE about ME!
Click HERE to take you there!
And with so much to I sit...participating in GET R DONE FRIDAY with dear Monica 0ver at CLICK HERE to take you there!
Now I love Monica and all...but the girl has this worm box...that actually would make a better denture box for a clown with a BIG smile....AND...well anyway that is another story....this Monica gal has probably lost her chance at winning over at Penniwigs' coz she is blaming the whole worm box thing on my dear friend Penniwig! my travels here is bloggieland...Monica is making some kind of soup...
Monica holds nothing back...SHOWS us her cark-ass...yep! Right here in bloggie land.
Over at the Ol' Dames she is talking about chocolate...I guess she hasn't seen Monica's recipe from yesterday about dirt dessert...looks yummy...even has worms in it ( Monica has far to many worm items for ME)!
Oh..and my dear Penniwig..IF you get over here and are reading this...I do believe that Monica has sent her worms over to the lovely apple graphic that are loverly and keep an eye on her!
Oh and talking about FREE...I thought while I'm out here in bloggie-ville I might stop over and see Corgi-Momma...but she is probably out at McDonalds getting here FREE senior coffee! So I'll visit her later....I have for now said enough nice lovely things about my gal-friends here!
So you all...see you later...I got a whole patch of punkins' waiting for me to GET EM DONE!


  1. You are so cute - I know what you mean having work to do, but wanting to check out those Blogs too!

    Your decorations are lovely.

    Two days!

  2. Oh my oh my, watch out, Lady Jane is out of her little punkin head with impending Grammyhood!!!

    I love those pumpkin centerpieces! Perfect all the way through Thanksgiving!!!

    What is all this about wOrMs??? Don't tell me Monica/ClassyChassy is trying to show everyone that horrible worm box again?!!! To frighten us for Halloween no doubt!!!

    Thanks for the mention...very kind of ye...yes, I'll put your name into the hat a bunch more times!!! lol...

  3. Thanks for participating in GET R DONE - the centerpieces are so beautiful! You are talented in the placing of the stems! However, you are trying to stir up a CAN O WORMS and get me excluded from the give-away at Penniwigs by SQUEALING on me and my side-comments....Less competition for you??? You must think you will get brownie points and avoid the flail if you turn me and corgidogmama IN to that woman!!! You are a crafty little devil - always looking for a way to weasel yourself in to the hearts and minds of those who are giving away free goodies!!! I will have to watch out for you from now on!!!
    P.S. Everyone LOVES that WORM BOX when they see it in person!!!

  4. Personally I've never met a worm box before!Mustn't photograph well then...giggle!
    Oh..and is your soup ready yet?
    Looks to me like you're already having your whine!!!!!! ROFL

  5. Hey Lady Jane!

    You did a fantastic job on your pumpkin centerpieces for your church! Those are really cute!

    I hope the stork brings that baby soon! Maybe November 3rd! That's when the stork brought my daughter to our house! hehehe

    Get R Done Friday!

  6. You really are a little stinker....what kind of role model are you gonna be to that sweet lil' punkin who is ready to come at any moment now?? If you win P'wigs prize I'm gonna roll over've campaigned so for it, you deserve it!! Just so you make us all cookies.
    Your decor for All Saint's is really nice. I agree w/Holly, you can use those all the way through Thanksgiving. Nice size too, not overpowering. My,'re the naughtiest ol' sista I ever did read in bloggieland. Tsk, tsk!! One of these days, or any hour now...we'll expect a jubilant post from the brand new Grammy announcing proudly that her lil' Jalina Rose has arrived.

  7. So did you GET R DONE lady Jane? WOW those are some great looking centre pieces.
    Only 2 days left. May every single second go right for your sweet grand baby.
    Keeping my fingers crossed.
    Love Claudie