Friday, November 6, 2009

Get R Done Friday...But How? The sky is falling....

Morning Ladies...This post is being brought to you by "THE LITTLE RED HEN" she runs around here...screaming the sky is falling...the sky is falling......
And this will update you all on the progress of Jalina Rose...
Well as you can see our little Momma to be...hooked to a monitor! All shows Jalina Rose and Mommy all well! And despite Grammy Jane feeling like the little red hen, our lil Momma is NO Loosey Goosey...just NOT effacing more than 50%. THANK GOODNESS she is still smiling!

Well anyway...was Sunday the due date...and after some lovely high winds and DAYS and DAYS of rain here in the lovely Midwest a piece of flashing was blown back on the peak of our house,caused a BIG "bubble" in our living room ceiling! Well without any warning suddenly the "bubble broke" and caused the water to flow like a well taking down a very big portion of plaster in the living room!
OMG..And where do you suppose our little Momma was nesting? Yep...Right on the sofa below where the plaster fell!
I hear her scream...GET A BUCKET!!!!!
My Grammy/Coach instinct tells me...her water has broken...NOPE!
But she was soaking wet...and was so shocked that it fell that she fell.
She had a trip to the hospital but ALL is well...
And the Dr. released her when we knew everything was ok..
After yesterdays Dr. visit Dr. told us that it is time for Jalina Rose to be evicted! No sillies NOT because of a hole in the roof..and the livingroom! He is going to be inducing her on Monday morning...her reservations are made for early AM. She is as I said No Goosy Loosy...
And in the mean time here...Grammy Jane whom was feeling at that exact moment that the sky was really falling has a lot to do here...
The estimates on a new roof...and finding a plastering contractor to begin the work inside!
Sigh...did you ever see such a mess? Well the "mess" is cleaned up for the most part...for now...
But it will need some covering for when they begin working so more does NOT come down...
A new baby coming home...
6 or 7 men walking around on the roof...ripping it off...hammering it on....
sleeping newborn???? yeah right.....
Large hunk of plaster missing from ceiling....
Grammy Jane feeling like to room....cackling...
Grammy Jane knowing that really soon here...she is going to get to hold that newborn!
And for now girls...if you can click on the lovely BIG hole here...and go to visit all the girls participating in GET R DONE Friday over at the Cori-express!
I think I'll just go get a cup of coffee ...sit down relax...and make myself realize..."THE SKY IS NOT FALLING". We have just allowed our heart and open up to the heavens...for we know...God is sending us something very SPECIAL!


  1. Wow! Glad Momma and baby are ok. I wouldn't worry about roofers keeping a baby awake but they might deprive Momma of some well deserved rest. Babies seem to sleep whenever and wherever they want to, but adults need a little peace and quiet.

  2. Oh boy, just what y'all did NOT need...why this kind of thing happens at exactly the wrong time is a mystery of the universe...soon Jalina will be here and mama and grammy will NOT be getting any rest but WILL be so happy...Come on Jalina, fool those doctors and make your entrance this weekend, we are all waiting for you!!!

  3. Here's hoping Jalina will arrive soon, safe in her momma's arms! Thanks for joining GET R DONE - and hope you are ABLE to GET R DONE - all of it!!! hugs!!!

  4. Oh my goodness! So much going on and the baby is still not here. I am glad baby and mommy and the Little Red Hen are okay. I hope the hole gets fixed without much ado. Good luck with that. In the meantime I am eagerly awaiting the news of the new little one. And pictures, pictures pictures too!!!!

  5. Reminds me of the movie "The Money Pit"!

    I wouldn't worry about waking the sleeping newborn! When I brought my daughter home from the hospital 12 years ago almost to the day, there were men trimming and cutting down trees in my front yard (electric right-away) and that never woke up baby or me! lol We were also building our dream home in the back of the old house and that never woke us up either.

    Hope the baby gets here real soon!

    Get R Done Friday!

  6. Well, one way or another, you're going to get r done alright!
    You sure didn't need any more stress or expense in your life, but at least there is light at the end of tunnel now....the girls are ok, the roof guys are hired, it's stopped raining, and you know if not before, that on Monday, Monday....November 9th, 11-09-09, Jalina Rose will stop by and say hey Grammy, what's up 7-up?

  7. OMGosh - what an experience! Good Get R Done job!