Saturday, December 5, 2009

The start of new Christmas memories........

Today for PINK SATURDAY our lovely hostess Beverly asked us to share childhood memories of I try to begin this post my eyes flood with tears...I have so many memories to share...
I have not been posting much as my Mom is in the hospital...that along with our Jalina Rose and all the Christmas Decorating I have had to re-schedule I have been very busy......
But my heart flutters as we begin new Christmas memories at our house....
My first Christmas as a Grammy...sigh.....
My daughters first Christmas as a Mommy......sigh........
The first Christmas season of our sweet angel Jalina Rose........
There is truly nothing I can ask for more from Santa....and from the Christ Child...he has gifted us...
So our childhood memories begin a new start here.......a chance to share with Jalina Rose....

Of course she may not be able to decide where to hide the Santas girls always knew exactly where to hide it so the elves would find it to unlock the door for Ol' Santa himself.....

And oh my Sweet Jalina Rose...will you know to put your shoes out ( yes the "biggest pair you own") for St. Nicholas to fill...and how will he ever fit all the goodies in your size zero MaryJanes?

Jalina Rose will you awake this Christmas morning to the sounds of Santa ringing his sleigh bells? Will that be your clue like it was for Mommy and your Auntie that Santa indeed has arrived?

Auntie Jen knows that if you listen closey on Christmas morning that you can hear the elves sneaking in the mailbox ...shhhhhh.....Grammy has hid that Magic Key for you.....

Jalina will you look at us someday with big tears in your eyes? Big tears not because someone at school told you that there really is NO Santa...but big tears just like your Mommy had so many years ago...because she was so upset that her Mommy had lied to her for years?

Really Jalina Rose...there is a Santa Claus...he lives in your heart...he is the spirit of giving.....
He is the spirit of sharing....he is love........

Jalina Rose...You are are the beginning of new have touched our have given us new meaning in our are love!

You Jalina Rose are a reason to believe...a reason to believe in you truly are a gift...

And matter what Auntie and your Mommy tell you....Peeking in packages....just unwrapping a little corner is not elves will know.....and so will GRAMMY!

Merry First Chritmas to my sweet first Grandchild....Let the memories and the Magic of Christmas begin...XOXO...GRAMMY!

Girls...please say a prayer for my Mom...and please stop over at How Sweet the Sound.....


  1. Jane, this is precious beyond words! That is one very blessed baby to have you as her Grammy! I just said a prayer for your mother. Hope she is doing much better.

    I adore these pics!

    Love to you and Happy PS!


    Sheila :-)

  2. On this first Saturday of December ♥Jappy Pink Saturday♥. I was away for a while and sure missed running around the blogs arnd seeing all of the goodies everyone was sharing.

    Thanks for the that you have a grandchild you have ALL of the happiness and Christmas anyone needs - take it from one very happy grandmother!

    It was a blessing for you to make my morning so much fun. Hoping that you and those you care about spend a wonderful weekend making memories that will last a lifetime☺

  3. Jane just wrote your very first love letter to your grandbaby. It was so sweet and beautiful. Your heart is overflowing with love for that little girl.
    May this Christmastide be wonderful for you all. Blessings!

  4. Jane, Oh this post is so very special. Jalina is lucky to have you as a grandmother. I am so sorry to hear about your mom. Hugs and much love to you. What a bittersweet time for you.

  5. What a wonderful post. You've shared some wonderful feelings and hopes with us today. May your holiday be all you want it to be.

  6. What sweet words to your baby granddaughter! I am blessed to this Christmas season with a precious grandson. My heart overflows. Please stop by and let me share a Christmas memory with you. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  7. This is a wonderful Christmas post, Lady.
    Your baby is so beautiful !
    I will sure say a prayer for your mama.
    love, bj

  8. Jane, I hope your mom's health will turn the corner and she will start to mend before Christmas - no time is a good time for sickness in a famiy, but Christmas is so very hard --

    Jalina just looks so precious! And more precious is the love you bear for her. I love the traditions you had in your family, and really, you are so right, sharing them with Jalina makes it a million times more fun than just remembering -- making the new memories with a grandbaby, could there be a greater delight?

  9. Ah, Jane. I have tears of joy rolling down my cheeks. Your little Jalina Rose is absolutely exquisite. And, how blessed she is to have made it to your family so filled with love for her and each other.

    Happy Pink Saturday. I'll keep your mother in my prayers.

  10. Oh gosh Jane, This Christmas will be like none other for you with that precious babe. Oh what joy God does give us! Merry Christmas and I sure hope your Mom does well. Mollye

  11. Congratulations for surely your family has been blessed this year. I hope you and yours has the best holiday season ever. Our son was a December baby and there are no words for the joy you feel, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  12. What precious pictures of your new little grandbaby Jalina! Love them. Love the cute letter for her too. So precious.

    I hope your mom is doing better now. And be sure to take care of your self too.


  13. What a sweet post on your bloggie today - very heart warming! I can see you are now a puddle of softness, Grammy Dear! Jalina has worked a miracle by her arrival - how lovely the photos are, and what a lucky little girl she is, to be blessed with your love and attention!

  14. Just had to come and take a peak at this beautiful baby girl Jalina. What a wonderful story.
    I will say a prayer for your dear mom Lady Jane.
    Have the best Xmas ever with your new bundle of joy.
    Love to you and yours.
    Love Claudie

  15. Jane your granddaughter is beautiful. I hope your mother gets better soon.

  16. What a sweet post, I think this will be one of your most memorable Christmases. I will say a prayer for your mom.

    Now how are you going to find time between all that cooing and coddeling to host a Christmas sock exchange.....?

  17. What a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing your new grandaughter with us. Enjoy your first Holiday was a Grandma.

    Happy Pink Saturday!