Saturday, February 19, 2011

Peekin in on PINK SATURDAY....Lady Where have you been?

To all of our dear blogging friends that have asked.....Lady Jane...Where have you been?
Well the answer is most of you know last November this sweet little lady came into Lady Janes life......
And what a delight she has been......
She keeps her Gee-Gee ( Yep...she calls me Gee-Gee) quite busy!
Our Jalina Rose is now 15 months old...
She Talks...
She walks....
She explores EVERYTHING....
She talks.....
She does Beauty Pageants....
She has won Grand Supreme....
She loves to play with her Gee-Gee....
And did I mention yet....She talks!
She talks alot...And I know you are all thinking that she TALKS alot is not at all a surprise.....
After all she spends alot of time with her Gee-Gee!
So this Lady Gee-Gee (Not to be confused with Lady GaGa) has been so very busy!
Sewing Jalinas dresses for pageants.....
Creating themewear costumes....
Is she not the cutest cupcake ever! This costume I made won Overall Best themewear!
This also makes her a Sweet Treat for all our wonderful blogging friends from PINK Saturday that have called and e-mailed asking LadyJane...where have you been?
Well ladies...LADY GEE-GEE is back....
I've just been a little busy....
Loving being a Grammy...
And missing you all!
Hugs dear friends...Leave us a comment...and stay tuned for more!


  1. Happy Pink Saturday, Lady Jane. We've missed you - and your sweet Jalina Rose.

    She is a dollbaby, and I know you adore her. Being a grandmother is my favorite roll, too.

  2. Sweet Beverly has not forgot us I am trying to visit lots of girls today! Such sweet pink inspirations...AND...oh MY BAD...I forgot in all this excitement to put the link back to you Beverly in the post...NEXT Week...I promise!

  3. Hi sweetie!!! GUESS WHAT? You won my artwork for the giveaway!!!! Please email me you mailing address at ~ Congratulations!!

  4. That is so cute and you are one proud grandmother.

  5. Happy pink saturday, sugar. Aren't grandkids and great grands just the funnest? I love Miss Caroline but she's not walking yet at 8 mos. old. You sure have a cutie though!

  6. Oh she is just precious and I know she will love her fairy garden...I will sprinkle an extra packet of flowers in our garden, just for you guys tomorrow...

    Have a wonderful pink weekend

  7. What a cutie! Lovin' the cupcake outfit-enjoy:@)

  8. Hi Lady Jane,
    It's Viola from over at, thank you for dropping by my site compliments of Pink Saturday.
    What a cute baby in the picture. Adorable more like it.
    I look forward to getting to know you via blogging.

    Take care,

  9. Happy Pink Saturday, What a precious little girl. Have a wonderful week.

  10. Isn't being a grandmother just grand!! Thanks for the visit and sweet comments. Your little one is just adorable too and I know you're having fun with her. Happy pink week!

  11. oh my, she's so adorable and cuteee especially in that cupcake outfit, thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment, Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. What a sweet surprise to see your comment Lady Jane (GeeGee) Smile. I adore your grandbabies and I agree the cupcake costume is a winner. When mine were small I helped take care of them and I so understand the time it takes to be a terrific grandma. Enjoy them and happy Pink Saturday.
    Warm hugs,

  13.'s a you!
    That, is one adorable little cupcake you're raisin'...and what fun, and a whole lotta work it must be, huh? It's soooo much better your way, than only seeing grandbabies 2x a year.
    did I mention that it's happening again in May? A boy this time.
    So, glad to see you posting...hope you'll be able to add one more thing to do in your life, so we can all stay in touch.
    Bet you're having a ball, and, hopefully sleeping VERY well at night!
    Hugs Sista....hope all is well, and in the pink.

  14. That costume is adorable! Not surprised that it won! You are such a sweet grandma (Gee Gee!) And Jalina is as cute as a cupcake!

  15. WELL, HELLO, LADY...
    So glad to hear from you. I've been out of town for a few days and was surprised to see your note when I returned.
    So glad all is well in your world.
    Your baby girl is sure growing and sooo cute.

  16. My grandchildren call my mother (their great grandmother) gee gee. Makes everything so easy. She is as cute as can be and just adorable. Happy Pink Saturday, still making my rounds, Char

  17. What a sweet little Lady! She is truly a dollie!

    Deanna :D