Sunday, November 16, 2008

All this excitementand I almost forgot the banner

Ok...get over there and check this out! But pretty my E-bay post,looking for suggestions from all you lovely ladies!


  1. Thank you girlie!!!
    I can't find the link to your ebay...we need to make a button for that...and add a statcounter so you can see who came here and didn't comment as well as how many came here and from where on earth they came! All fun stuff to make sure your bottom never leaves the chair ;)
    If I had a boat like yours though...I'd probably be out hunting for Johnny Depp instead of blogging :)

  2. Phyllis I think you are going to be my new BBB,thats Best Bloggin Bud! I am going to e-mail I have sat for hours trying to get to make a e-bay button,and oh my golly a stat counter would send me over the edge!
    Laughing about Johnny Depp...the sailboat will be awesome when it is done,if it EVER gets done..but everyone has to have a work in progress right? We did manage to get the winter cover on her though,so she is resting for the winter AND my nails are recovering from the restoration work!