Monday, November 17, 2008

Much to do Monday!

Well I had to get up this morning at about 3:49 in order to visit my Favorite blogs,do a little laundry from the mounds that look like mount rushmore,take a few photos to post on Blue Monday,and to pack my design tools as this is going to be one of my craziest weeks of the year(I say that this week,but if you stop in next week I will be re-claiming the craziest week of the year) But it is off on my Holiday decorating extravaganza! I only have about 5 houses to do this week! I have packed my design tools and my new camera(have I told you about it lol) and need to get ready to leave by 8:00 but I promise to bring back some pictures of todays house! I am going to Karens and she has some of the neatest whimsical stuff..and a lovely pink tree in her living room! So girls if you are stopping in..please leave a comment and come back to see todays house that I do and some fun pics! Have a happy blogging Monday!

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