Sunday, November 23, 2008

The holidays are your Portable Studio ready?

Dear little PHYLLIS over at Shabby in the City is over at her blog right now taking great pictures of her portable studio. On Tuesday she is hosting a a Craft Challenge and is tempting us to share pictures of our portable studios and to share where they are going! With this week having been the busiest week of my HOLIDAY DECORATING EXTRAVAGANZA( pictures of all my houses to follow later...I promise) my portable studio has been in my car!
I guess if I am going to be ready to have Phyllis photograph my portable studio..I am going to have to rid the front seat of at least one Dunkin Donut cup,a Wendys bag and a few other wrappers! So not only has my studio been portable but so has my dining experiences as I have merrily traveled from one job to another! So Phyllis as soon as I empty out that car...I will be ready!
Really girls, you just need to check out her blog as she has pictures that are truely inspiring! So please stop over there and tell her I sent you and check back with me on Tuesday as I participate in PORTABLE STUDIO/DESTINATION CRAFT CHALLENGE.


  1. What a sweetie you are! But WAAAAIIIT! Don't throw away the Dunkin Donuts bag...I mean...are there any crumbs left? We don't have one of those here!
    You probably have the biggest portable studio of all!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and Pink Saturday.

    I'll hurry over to the Craft Challenge for a visit. Thanks for the link.

  3. LOL, Jane! You are too funny! Stopped counting today to take a day of rest. ;-)



  4. Thanks for the craft challenge link. I'm on my way there when I leave here. LOL

    And thanks for the visit to my blog!