Saturday, November 22, 2008

The prim me....

The prim me stopped over at SUSANS blog" prim and proper folks "and found the cutest snowman giveaway! Now I want you girls to go over there and check him out.....BUT ( here comes a bit of my not to usually selfish I have already named him...and cleared a spot...I will share a pic of him though! Laughing outloud to myself....SELFISH never wins....
SHAME ON ME!!!!!! on Susans name and (trying to fatten my chances by being nice!)
May the bestest...luckiest gal win!


  1. I've been making snowmen! You can't see them carrots.
    I came to remind you of something...come see!

  2. Okay, I did it! Now I'm going to win it, Jane, and you're going to cry. ;-) LOL!

    Love you... xoxoxoxoxoxo

    Sheila :-)