Friday, November 21, 2008

SOS to everyone!

Ok ladies...has anyone a copy of blogging for idiots? I do not know why I can not post all the awesome buttons I have that I want to share from all your wonderful blogs! Now I am not to computer savy to say the least....but even the GREAT CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY that were here are gone! What did I do? Perhaps with this being my craziest week of the year with decorating at peoples home (scroll down to see some of the decorating extravaganza) I have taken on to much and am going to quickly! I have admitted to having BIG BLOGGER VISIONS I am so inspired by all your blogs...but I really am getting frustrated! So if anyone has a detailed map to " BLOGGER HEAVEN" please share it with me! THANKS!


  1. Here ya go! Don't know if it'll have what you are looking for but as a new blogger, I'm sure it will be helpful. Another good one is

  2. Honey, it would be the blind leading the blind if I were to give advice, so I will refrain.

    But I will say, Jane, that I might be loopy (which I probably am from burning the candle at both ends), but I thought I had another post to you on here. I only saw one. I guess I'm just dreaming. I think I will go into my fabric closet and lie down now. ;-) 810, 811, 812, 900.



  3. Hi! Simply add the photo's, one at a time to your side bar. Then you will notice that above the photo, when you download it, there is a bar where you can put the url for the blog you are linking to. Simply add the blog address to that bar and save. It should create a link through the picture. Any more questions just let me know, so many people have helped me, I like to help others too:>)