Monday, December 22, 2008

Blue Moday

Good morning girls...It is another blue Monday over a SmilingSallys Blogspot....Hmmm..... You know I live in Chicagoland where my blue post for today could have easily been the "blue forecast" from the National Weather Channel...Right Now it is a frosty MINUS 3 Degrees out there...and that is NOT with the windchill.....Brrr.....Blue little Fingers and Toes out there if you are not careful... SO I have decided to stay least till there is no more MINUS on that Screen...after my post...I am hoppping around blogland to see all the Blue Mondays...Just Click on my Title and it will take you over to Smiling Sallys so you can blue hop too!

Ok...Blue E for EVERYBODY....lots of Elves at my house.....all become little elves this time of year.....
So on my family picture vignette in the dining room the elves come marching in!
I took blocks and spelled out elves....
see the PRECIOUS picture in the upper left of this pic.....yep...head elf around here...ME!
On the shelf...the baby with her hand in a Mom.... Are we CUTE or!

I will have to show you this entire vignette later...but next to this vignette hangs a wreath from the ceiling that all of my little pixies and elves are hanging around from. But I am just showing the close-up of one of our FAVORITE books which the cover just so happens to be BLUE..."The ELF Who Lived Next Door" Really is a very cute story!

Do you not love this Blue Santa Plate BFF Vicky..but I call her "Bicky" just gave this adorable plate a few days ago...after this post I plan on tucking it in my China cabinet with all the rest of my Santa Collection! Ya...I know another promise for another post.......

Well girls...enough Blue from me.....stop over at Sallys'...see you there...And bundle up...No blue fingers and toes for you!


  1. Jane,

    You stay bundled up! I worry about you!!!

    Love all your elfin fun blue stuff for a fun Blue Monday! The pictures of the head elves (you and your mom) are wonderful, too!

    Those blocks! I want them! Trade you a bolt of fabric! ;-)

    Happy Blue Monday!



  2. I like the idea of spelling with blocks, although at first, I thought it spelled, "Elvis." lol Can't get that man out of my mind! The blue Santa plate is unique; I like it.

    Please pick up the Blue Monday button and link in.

  3. Happy Blue Monday! I enjoyed your blues today. I love the plate. And Merry Christmas to you too!

  4. The blue plate gives a new meaning to "Blue Plate Special!" It is fantastic!

    Sure enjoyed seeing the snippets of your decorating -- love that you have the pictures of you and your mom as children up -- you both are adorable!

  5. Hi, LadyJane,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment.
    I enjoyed this post and seeing the pics of you and your mom - so cool.
    I hope your Christmas is magical.

  6. Hi Jane! Stay warm and cozy in Chicagoland!! My kids are getting a good snowfull in Seattle!
    Love your collection of elves and the Santa plate is great!

  7. Love all your little elves and the blue plate is so pretty.You and Mom are too cute,I like the idea both your baby pictres together .

  8. What a fun post. Love your little elves. Blessings to you and your family this Christmas and New Year.

  9. Are you bundled? Are you warm and toasty? :)
    Ok.... GOOD !

    I love that blue Santa plate...oh yes, I do indeed!

  10. Love the blue Santa plate! The blocks are just too cute! Keep warm, its cold here again, and my feet are freezing!lol

  11. Ok, that is cold. It is 50 degrees here and everyone is complaining how cold it is. I guess we are just spoiled here in So. California!
    I love the blue Santa Plate. I will remind Santa that on Christmas Eve he is to pick up that plate from your house and bring to mine!
    Merry Christmas,
    Love, Ann

  12. yes....share your ideas with me them