Sunday, December 28, 2008

BRING A BUCKET ...please!

This is a quick pictures...just stopping in to let all know I am still here...but currently "swimming" in my basement...all of the lovely (UGHHHHHHHHH) snow and ice we have had in the midwest is melting.....and it has decided to stopover in my basement....right now all that we can do is let it come!
So if you have stopped in to say hello...I hope you brought a bucket and a can use all the help I can get....
I think this means I am going to be very busy in my Studio. Perhaps a remodel was in order, but the sounds of water rushing down the drains was not it...oh well...thank goodness for plastic far all treasures safe,and this little event has cleaned up a bit of the "over glittering" that may have escaped a project or two! Oh well....back to my broom.....


  1. Keep bailing, dearie! Wish I were near enough to help -- but I'll just send you some Texas sunshine to dry up that mess -- wish I could!

    At least sweeping between Christmas and New Years brings you luck! The more you sweep, the more luck -- or so our olde folklore says!

  2. Oh my - not a very nice surprise!! Good luck with the water - thinking of you!!

  3. Broom...check!
    Music/tunes to SWISH by...and we are all set!

    ( I hope you are handling things there and I really hope it does not get serious!)

  4. That is awful with the snow melting and sending all of it's water into the basement! Bless your heart! I hope you're able to get it taken care of. Wish you could get a pump of some sort!
    Thanks for taking time out between bucket dumpings to come and say hello on my blog. You left such a sweet comment about the tatted angel and I appreciate it! :)

  5. Oh my!!! The bucket patrol! I hope this hasn't gotten too deep..yes, by all means protect the creative stuff..most important. :0) Thanks for dropping by and commenting on the preprinted animal fabrics..If you get to Ben Franklins and they do have these cutie pies...I want many of them! LOL You can email me through my blog..look in the rightside column for the cute graphic of the dog and cat and click on it..Let me know how much they are per panel...I'll paypal you or send you a check..either way you want to do it. :0) What fun it would be to make some of those for the new cabin we are moving into.

    Hugs, Stephanie
    Queen of Dreamsz

  6. Oh, I hope there is no damage!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I truly appreciate it! Have a wonderful new year!!

  7. Jane, you tell Tommy that he had better exchange his pointy-toed shoes for some Wellies! I think, though, that he has gone AWOL on you as some mysterious things have been happening around here. And Annie seems to be missing more often than not. Hmmmmm....

    Be sure to keep that fabric all safe!!! If I were anywhere near you, I'd come help! I'm sorry. I feel helpless knowing you're in trouble. I will pray for you in the mean time.



  8. So, what did Tommy do this time? LOL!!!

    I hope things are all under control by now...and we'll say a prayer.

    ~Blessings sweetie,


  9. update? oh i do hope much better!

  10. Hope you have bailed your way out...that is awful...Chin up ...things will be getting much better!! SOON!!

  11. Oh No! Can you get Tommy to bring some more elves to help?... bail! No fun! Hope you got it under control by the New Year! Be Happy! lol