Friday, December 12, 2008


Welcome to my first FLEA MARKET FRIDAY!
Please check over at my selling blog
If you follow my blog you will know I have been VERY busy chasing a certain ELF named TOMMY TINKERING TINSEL. You can scroll down here to follow the ***CODE ELF*** that has been going on! Just look at him peeking in the picture and hanging around for the opening of Lady Jane's!
Please check out all the vendors at Flea Market Friday and mark me as a favorite, check back often as I will be adding goodies daily and be open 7 days a week.I will be posting more goodies later today


  1. Well, hello there Lady Jane! :-) What a nice puffy envelope I received in the mail today from you for our Christmas Card Exchange through Jan and Tom's Place! Such a sweet little bracelet with a charm angel! :-) And bookmark! I'm an avid reader so it will be put to good use and I'll think of you every time I open a book to read.
    Thank you and Merry Christmas!
    Diane <3

  2. Hi, hope your back is much better, as I need to hold on to Tommy the elf, and a few more that may be running loose. My remodel is at a stand still since Hubby heart problem. I did get your packages sent. Let me know when you get them! I just hope they get there and nothing is broken. I forgot to email Risa my confirmation numbers for your two packages. I did it a few min. ago. I sent them priority so hope you get them by Tuesday! If not Wednesday!

  3. Jane, I hope you're feeling much better. I fell down the stairs this morning, and I'm stiff now. Mainly my knee got it, but I kind of twisted my back. It was a nasty fall. Thank goodness for the Lord. :-)

    Sending love your way...



  4. You are entered in the contest from my blog...and Miss Boog is preparing to select the winner!