Thursday, December 11, 2008

My tree...

It is with great JOY that
I can say that my tree is finally
done...well almost I still have to do the altered art (old sheet music) on my J_O_Y...
BUT...I did it all without that elf Tommy...I'll show him! So let me know what you think!

In putting up my tree this year an angel must have been sitting right there on my shoulder... telling me...sure go ahead ....wire that beautiful angel trumpeting the sounds of Joy...she only weighs about 8 pounds... So this year we are staying a bit back from the tree, just in
case she should decide to descend down upon us.

I usually add garland and lights to my piano window but I have decided to keep it simple this year ! I admit I do have a problem with "simple" though as you can tell by the 100's of ornaments on my tree..which b are mostly angels. Ity the way is very hard to tell in the picture but the glow of the candles on the piano sill is beautiful at night as it reflects against the window shining on the Angels that have made their journey from the totes this year...remember what I said about trying to keep it simple!

I apologize for the very shiny red ball right in the center of the picture,but I had put the ladder away at this point and took this pick looking up at the tree! I hope you can see the little glass/ feather birdie that watches as she plays her first "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" of the season!

I usually add garland and lights to my piano window but if you recall I am trying to keep it simple was only putting about 200 ornaments on this year . Most of my ornaments are angels...someday I'll tell you about my reason for REALLY believing in angels..and the fire in my house that happened right after I put my Christmas Decor up that year!

When the candles get to the window sill ( mental note to self...add them to walmart list) it does cast a beautiful glow onto the other Angels from my collection that are vignetted on the sill.

You really need to go over to the WHITE IRIS DESIGNS BLOG and check out the tree tour she is hosting....great prizes too... a personal Muse from the Muse herself ( crossing my fingers that the random generator picks me) AND a beautiful floral from White Iris Designs!

Well that is it for now...I leave you with a hope that your Holidays are full of JOY...please stop in and visit...I will put on the teapot...but just be careful of low flying I would hate to have you earn your wings from a "ringing" in your head from my Angel!


  1. Woooooooooo...words in the tree....Letters nestled in the boughs of the Christmas Evergreen, Oh nice!

  2. Simple is wonderful, but sometimes lots and lots of ornaments is GRAND! Your tree looks stunning! I hope you will share the story of your belief in angels and the holiday fire that you mentioned briefly.

  3. LOVE LOVE your tree. It is just my style...dripping with ornaments!! I love the words on the tree as well!
    Thanks for participating in our little tree walk.
    Good Luck & if you haven't already don't forget to post your link in the comment section of my blog so we can get you linked up!
    So happy to have met you!

  4. I adore your tree, Jane! Now I know why we're friends. More is definitely more, isn't it? My tree is covered from head to foot in ornaments, and I can see someone else likes to do that, too. I was wishing so hard that you would come to Florida chasing Tommy, but alas, you didn't. Next week I'm going to post what I found in my searches for Tommy!

    Love your tree, Lady!



  5. Love your tree!! What a JOY! lol Guess what! Your gifts are at the post office at this moment! Hubby gone out to the nearest one to mail, just hope he address it correctly! There is two boxes coming so if one comes, wait for the other. lol I have packages numbered in order I would like for you to open. One is not numbered and has a large card on it,IMPORANT! OPEN SOON AS YOU GET IT! Its just from me.