Friday, December 19, 2008

Jan and Toms Christmas Card Swap

Well as you can see it is another busy day at my house! Can you believe I am doing two posts today...and if all goes well there may even be a third! Laughing though that I do not think my 100th post giveaway will be coming anytime before Christmas...unless of course Tommy sends Christmas wishes to all his new Blog Buddies out there! I currently have him out of the post below
where you can scroll down to see him wearing the lovely Christmas stocking I received from Lady Katherine in the tea swap. Click on the title to go to Jan and Toms...Jan has a contest going
on and you can see the beautiful job she did of posting all the
cards she received. Of couse in the picture with the beautiful angel ornament Tommy clutches the beautiful Snowflake
card ...he thought for sure Jan had sent it to HIM..along with
her Eggnog....ya see Jan spoiled him over there last
week...All the milk and cookies an elf could consume!

Now if he would put down Jans card we could get on with the show.....Brett from The Southern Hostess sent an adorable card with a Christmas Mouse and with a Lavender tea.....Yummy!

The swap really was alot of fun...
When the cards started coming it was so dear Postman thought I was stalking

I received a beautiful card with wishings of JOY,a wreath pin,a saltbox house ornament,and vintage card tag...They are really beautiful..Thanks to Shelia from NOTE SONGS!

Then from Melissa over at Little Things in Life came a card she had made...and it was bearing lovely Handmade bookmarks and the cutest Teapot card....

Hmmmm...Where is Tommy? Awful quite in here...Now Tommy...please take the Adorable Handmade tags that the Awtem Nymf sent me off of your hat...and PLEASE stop singing Rudolph the Red Noses Elfster....the proper title is Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer....
Tommy really loves her card! Thanks Awtem...that may keep him busy for!

ok girls...Talk about hours...My car is running outside trying to de-ice! It has been running for about an let me go...shut it off.....and come back with my third post of the day........


  1. Ok Tommy- listen to your Mom! I'll make you some tags for yours'Elf, but you gotta give those back to your Mom *winks* I'm glad you like them!

    Lady Jane- elves are tricksters for sure. I enjoyed reading these posts! Sure gotta giggle out from me!

  2. hahaha- came back- now I'm singing Rudolf the Red Nosed Elfster! *tongue twists*

  3. hahahahaaaa...LOL!! ROFLOL!!!

    Your 3 posts are hilarious!!! Tommy is soooo funny...wonder who HE takes after!?!!!

    Thanks for playing in the SWAP and then posting about it!! We'll be doing it again!

  4. Oh it sounds like such fun! And I can certainly feel the PLEASURE and Joy from your writing :)

  5. Let me know how the lavender tea tastes, that is if Tommy does get to it first. lol