Friday, December 19, 2008


I am so lucky to have participated in so many wonderful exchanges in my first blogging Season. I signed up for the 12 Days of Christmas Tea Swap over at the Par Tea Planner

I was blessed with LADY KATHERINE as my tea sister....Rhea did a wonderful job of pairing us we have so much in common...
we are both Floral Designers....Tea Lovers...Gingerbread Men Lovers..and the list goes on.....
Katherine in spite of not feeling well and her Hubby ending up in the hospital really OUTDID herself! When the box came I told myself I was not opening it until I knew she got her box.... I then get this e-mail...OPEN IT!!!!! OPEN IT!!!!!! IT NEEDS AIR!!!!! Oh my gosh I thought....and e-mailed her back...Is it a kitty? You know the kid in me still would like a kitty in my stocking!
Well anyway I followed all of Katherines lovely instructions as each one was numbered with a little note.......So I opened the one that needed air and I could smell it as soon as I opened the is a BEAUTIFUL Rosemary and Bay Leaf Wreath she made from herbs in her Garden!
Well girls...that was just the beginning...
She had sent two boxes filled to brim.........and I love everything......
I can hardly pick a favorite...Well my favorite may be the cutest Teapot maybe the adorable Teapot maybe the beautiful clear glass serving tray...No I think the Cream Pitcher is my favorite.... there is also the lovely clear glass votive holder.But Gosh I really love ALL the teas she sent.....there is enough tea for me to sip this whole Holiday season(right now I am sipping the Chamomile and Mint...yummy) There are Vintage teas, Strawberry and Cream,Black organic and a whole box of Gingerbread tea!
I wish I could get good pictures of all of the little cards she sent pertaining to each item...Gingerbread Boy card,a BEAUTIFUL pink Tea pot card...Recipe cards with Altered art pictures!
The most adorable pink santa.......because she was going to go with a pink theme and changed her mind,so I have a wonderful bit of everything she could think of!
I smiled when I saw the same gingerbread cookie tin I sent her! She sent a chocolate chip tin..with recipes for chocolate chip cookies..and a big tin of butter cookies...Yummy...if they are hid well enough I am going to serve them when my girlfriends come for brunch! Katherine also sent a beautiful tea journal that I am first going to record everything from her and then put it out at my Tea Parties for everyone to leave comments. Please check Lady Katherines Blog out she has done a beautiful job of blogging about what I sent and what she sent!

Everything is so thoughtful that she sent....I am so Blessed with her new friendship....
I am so sorry that I can not get all of the pictures I want to load in in the order they are supposed to Katherine I think you are going to Number everything for me like you did all your gifts...I seemed to be able to follow the number better Tea Sipper here...than computer Goddess! And now look...I really have to go....
Please get the Lovely stocking Katherine sent me off your head.......
And I suppose you have managed to Eat the cookies too....
Now please Tommy help me thank My Dear Lady Katherine and let her know I am so thankful for her new friendship! Thanks to you too Rhea!


  1. So sweet of you, your too kind. I love the stocking on Tommy! Hey since he is back did he have the card I lost? lol Or is he tring to get to the tea in the stocking? lolThank you for all your gifts, I just love them all! Merry Christmas

  2. That looks like a wonderful box filled with relaxation...are you sharing with Tommy?
    Check your mailbox today...fingers crossed!

  3. Blopping around J&T's Christmas Card swap! Thank you for my beautiful Vintage Hankie that I got from you! I love it and purple is my fave color :O)!
    Wasn't this a fun swap! I loved it! :O)
    Happy Holidays! Stay warm!

  4. Looks like you made out like a bandit in your swaps! How nice!

  5. OK starting from the "bottom up" :)