Monday, January 5, 2009

Check out these giveaways...

Girls Christmas is over but all he generous giveaways are still going on...dear DIANNE from is giving away the cutest little Chickadee Pillow.....
if you have never been to her will be amazed at her talent,infact you may even have some of her art!
Also be sure to visit Joy over at Joy to the blog where she is having a New Year Cozy Giveaway.....and just to let you ALL know ladies...LOL...I have dibbs on the pink robe!

Another WONDERFUL blog to visit is Cathy .....she has a new website called
Ladies you will love her blog and goodies for sale......She is giving away a $50.00 Dollar Gift Certificate to Celebrate her Grand Opening! Go check her out too...and no drooling (LOL) on my new pink robe!
Now is hard to type with my fingers and toes crossed for all of get over to these loverly blogs and sign up...tell them Lady Jane sent ya!


  1. Thank'ee so much, MiLady Jane, for the tips about these lovely giveaways!!!

  2. Sounds neat, Lady Jane! I won't fight you for the bathrobe... though I could use a new one. If you win, you can make me a new one with some of your fabric! ;-)


    Sheila :-)

  3. I enjoyed visiting you blog, I was born in Illinois, lived in texas as a child went back to Illinois for HS and college I still return several times a year to see family and friends. We used to shop Sandwich and Bloomington. I love spring and fall in Southern ILL.

  4. Oh thanks for the giveaways(:)
    Yes oh yes a dressform..~!! I too love them maybe we will get one--or make one, wow I am impressed(:) when its all done would love to see it.. glad you came over
    I'll be back
    hugs, Patty

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog ~ it's always nice to have company! Thanks too for all these giveaway tips. Isn't Diane's little pillow the sweetest thing!

  6. So many giveaways on the internets! It's absolutely endless!