Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Came out smelling a rose.......

Happy Rose Wednesday to you all! After my trip to the thrift store Monday I am very excited to share my ROSE post and the news that is going on at my house!
First I will share my "treasure hunting" then share with you where it is going.....
My youngest daughter is getting her own apartment, so I went on search of something to make her a roman shade for her bedroom as her window is very large AND she is on a College Budget....
You know how everything looks rosier as you pull in and see the 50% off everything sale...YAHOO!
Her room is plum and tan and what do I find but a beautiful plum and tan duvet...beautiful buttons ..anyway for $2 I walk away with that! I will try to share it on another post with a before and after!
Nice Mom huh? Yep...that was what I was as long as I was thrifting AND as long as everything was on SALE how could I not look for some other goodies? I am sad to see her move out but she turns 27 next perhaps it IS time! Still I am a bit sad to see her leave the nest...but I will try to get over it! And it will be
such a shame to peer into her empty room
(big grins and giggles now girls) so I decided since that I really do need a Sewing Studio on the main level perhaps I should do something to make me feel better.......
So peering around I find a beautiful cushion for my rocker...$2---MINE.....a flat sheet...$2...Mine!
These were all in multi-colors...pinks,rose,blues,golds,greens,ivory and all had rose and mixed flower bqts....lovely!
Also found a few rag rugs in multi-color.
The walls are a "golden yellow" and there is no time to this should pull it all together who would want poor ol, Mom to be sad any longer! Things are looking VERY ROSY here girls.....

I also found a beautiful vintage crewel chair cover....are you ready.....99 cents! The picture does not do it justice...but it will surely do my sewing chair justice!

So...I come out of the thrift store spending a total of about $12! Smelling pretty much like a Rose huh?
I had such a rosy outlook...
Two of us...budgeting gals...bustin with blooms all over!
Stay tuned for our continuing story..."Budget APARTMENT" and "POOR MOMS SEWING ROOM...EVERYTHINGS COMING UP SEW ROSY!"


  1. $12.00!?!?!? Oh you lucky girl! Those are scrumptious! Thanks for visiting my blog today.

    Happy Rose Wednesday!

  2. My hat is off to ye, Lady Jane! You are the best thrifter out there! What a haul!!! I love it, yes things are just rosy I'd say allright!!! I am drooling over that crewel work -- unbelievable!!!

  3. I spy some things I like VERY much! And hail to thee, Queen Thrifter! You did GOOD!


    Sheila :-)

  4. You are so punny Lady Jane!
    I'm glad you got those great rosy bargains :)

  5. oh darling , you have done delightfully well!
    im so proud and happy ! lol
    cant wait to see the chair cover find its home :)

  6. That is one crazy awesome bunch of goodies for a BIG BARGAIN. Love the needlepoint! Beautiful.

    xo Cathy

  7. WOW!!! I want to go shopping with you! GREAT finds! so pretty...and what a great mom! :-)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my 1st Pink Saturday post! It's so nice to meet you...looks like we have some ocmmon interests and likes! Look forward to visiting you again!
    Pink hugs back to you!

  8. Oh gosh, I love the thrift stores! I was in 2 in Savannah over the holidays. My SIL is a big fan as well. I bought a BEAUTIFUL white linen blouse (Ann Taylor Loft)...tags still on it for $2.00. You never know what little treasures you will find!