Thursday, January 29, 2009

Playmate...come out and play with me.....

Ok...ladies Lady Jane has been VERY busy...did not really accomplish much except picking up a few stacks of fabric( I see you Ms. did she hide that fabric?)

I finally stopped sewing and got out the net...oh ...I mean dust cloth and chased a few "dust bunnies around....did a few loads of laundry as the Tide Fairy has not been here for awhile comparison in fun to playing with blog buddies! But at least I can come out in clean what my Noni always used to say was..."Go out in dirty girlies.....and NO one will play with you!"

I also got Mr. Hoover out...yep...for Christmas I got the Cyclone Well that is a total expectation was push the button and my mess of strings,thread and fabric snippets would be sucked up into that little cylinder....gone forever! Well ha.....CYCLONE nothin....had to pick up all those pieces by hand...the smell of burning rubber was an indicator to me that I was expection a bit to much from Mr. Hoover!

Anyway after cleaning up that mess I was in the mood for a few Altered and paper projects! I merrily was so relaxing....
Got out hte vintage lace,buttons,silk roses...created Valentine vignettes...oh fun!
I took pictures and even got them listed in my Etsy store! I said to myself...Girl you are acomplishing stuff no.....couldn't be.....

Went to sit down with a cup of Vanilla Tea...and there...right there...under the dining room table where Mr. Hoover had challenged me earlier....was a pile...a pile of bits...pieces...shreds....shards of my project! Ugh....looked AGAIN like a cyclone had hit!
Well girls...shall I change the Belt in Mr. Hoover and give him a whirl with all his CYCLONIC powers....or shall I just sit and re-clean the spot I had just cleaned?

Thanks for all the ...WHERE ARE YOU LADY JANE e-mails....enough playing for me...I have to go...Mr. Hoover is calling!


  1. Mr. Hoover, like so many of HIS kind, is a disappointment. Sigh.....a good rubber goes a long way ( in sweepers, 'cuse me!!!)
    Craftin' beats cleanin' any ol' time, doesn't it? Duty calls occasionally though.
    Good to hear from ye again, little Missy!

  2. I adore your recent creations :) And sense the romantic joy of Valentine's day is alive and well!

  3. Jane, crafting is a messy business! ;-)

  4. I love all the hearts! So pretty. Did you find the fabric Mrs Magpie was hiding from you? Or maybe it was Roy and Annie who did it? I don't think my Helmi did it. No way. She has been here at home. At least I think so. Can't say what she has been up to while I am at work!

  5. Hi Jane,
    I am SO happy to read your funny and lighthearted post. Whew!! Life, what a ride.
    Take care,

  6. Oops, Jane I forgot to tell you. If you still want a blog template let me know. I am making then like crazy because I am having so much fun.
    by the way, the template is a gift. Just let me know.

  7. Hurricane Jane meets Mr. money's on JANE!

    I love what you made! All of it is precious but that cone made out of the sheet music & trimmed with the buttons has my heart, dearie. Then again, the little heart is just too adorable!

  8. Yea!


    Jane came out today to play!

    LOL! Jane, I'm not telling where I hid that fabric, and Annie isn't either. :-)

    Loved all your pretties. I'm laughing because my vaumn cleaner does the same. I'm going to go dig through Rhoda's old posts at Southern Hospitality and find out what kind of vac she bought. She said it has a lot of sucking power, so that's what I need. Mine doesn't work AT ALL. It doesn't even look like the floor has been cleaned. Don't know what it's problem is.

    Sending you much bloggy love, and that's a hoot about what your grandmother calls "underpinnings." That what a friend of mine used to say. LOL! Now I have two descriptive phrases with your addition.


    Sheila :-)

  9. Why bother. You're bound to make some more beautiful things. Tell Mr. Hoover just to suck it up. You'll vacuum when you vacuum and not until. Debbie

  10. Hello Jane, Your post gave me a few good chuckles. Love your sweet hearts. Your humor is a breath of fresh air. Cold air right now. Smiling.

    Thank you so much for your kind words today. I appreciate your encouragement so much. I will be fine. I just need to get this over with. The recovery is looong. Then woo woo, two good knees.