Monday, February 16, 2009


Achew! Good day Ladies and Happy Blue Monday! Today because I have another cold and stuffy head I decided to share with you a few BLUE hankie I recently got at a "thrift" sale! I have always wanted a monogramed hankie...and finally found one with the letter J. I also have a lovely little collection thanks to my BFF Vicki of other Hankies, one of which is the lovely blue hankie with the daisy print! In the vintage photo behind them is a pic of a gal waving her hankie, BUT know me, in my quest of the perfect picture I cropped it out! Perhaps when I finish the altered art "Hankie box" I intend it for I will share it again!
And before I wave my hankie in a farewell gesture. I ask the following questions...Does anyone still really use their hankies? Well for anything besides decorating? And...why do you suppose they call them hankies? And of course , I could only ask after the big Valentines Hankies have anything to do with Hankie-Pankey?????

Hopefully Sally over at smilingsally.blogspot is not censoring the blue posts today..LOL...or I might get my Hanky-Pankey self in trouble! Shame on me!


  1. When I was a little girl, I used my hankies. Now, I wouldn't dare. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

  2. I'm so sorry you're under the weather, Jane! Hope you will feel much better very soon. Love that hankie with the blue "J". No pun intended. ;-)

    Feel better and Happy Blue Monday!


    Sheila :-)

  3. Feel better soon

    Happy Blue Monday and Happy President's Day!


  4. I use hankies! Can't abide "tissues" with all their lint. I was lucky at some estate sales and found adorable hankies still in their boxes!

    I do indeed think "hanky-panky" is derived from hanky---->"Handkerchief" -- I bet that term got started when Ladies, such as LADY JANE, would give their hankies to the naughty noblemen pursuing their fair charms...Oh Jane, I knew ye were involved SOMEHOW...

  5. What a shame you got sick while your daughter was home...didn't she just fly in?
    Got that no good, coughy, sneezy feeling?
    Hmmmm, so does Jim! He's got the sneezy, grumpy, not so happy with me feeling that he always gets when sick..........hmmmmm.
    Are you grumpy? hmmmmmm.
    Hey, I got blush pink roses, and opal earrings, and supper at Outback!!! and you didn't........
    did ya?

  6. Hope you feel better soon...happy Blue your hanky!

  7. I love your hankies. I remember my grandmother and her friends giving each other beautiful hankies with their birthday cards. I guess that tissues are for using and hankies are for viewing. Happy Blue Monday.

  8. I only use my hankies for decorating..I have quite a collection. I specially like the ones with tatted or crocheted edgeing. Yours are so pretty. Happy Blue Monday and have a lovely week.

  9. Like your blues...and for a little hanky history and some pretty little ones check this out
    Happy Monday or should I say "BLESS YOU"

  10. I always gave my GRANDMOTHER HANKIES FOR SPECIAL ocassions. I am so sorry you are sick!! Feel better soon..m.

  11. Lovely little hankie. I just can't make myself use the pretty little things.

  12. Hi Jane, :)
    I didn't realize this was you earlier today. I have been here before and I just love your blog

    Thanks for the kind words on my first Blue post. I really appreciate it. You're always welcome!

    Have a wonderful evening.
    ~Melissa ;)

  13. Your hankie is very pretty. I have a small collection that has been in a drawer since I was a child. I did use them back then. The idea now makes me gag.

  14. I am sorry you are under the weather with a cold. They are so aggravating!

    Love the beautiful blue and white hanky, just beautiful. I remember my mother teaching us to carry TWO hankies when we were children, "One for show, and one for blow!"

    Ah, I wish I had some of those old hankies now; they were so pretty.

    Get better soon!

  15. Love the blue hanky! I don't have any hankies. Don't know if I am missing out by not having any. Happy Blue Monday!

  16. Love the blue hankies, I have a few that my mom had. love vintage stuff. Sorry I didn't make it over to post yesterday, was so sick, could have used that trying to move furniture for cable guy.....
    Hope you get to feeling better soon..