Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday...2nd Time around....

Diane over at A PICTURE IS WORTH A 1000 WORDS is having her First round of A 2nd TIME AROUND! This is my first round of participating....but please click the button to view Dianes post and all the girls who are showing off their treasures this week!
My inspiration comes from this wooden shabby post that is attached to an old piece of wood! What do you all see here gals? Perhaps a hat stand for my up-dated Millinery Bathroom?
My BFF Vicki was going to throw this little beauty out if I did not take it...so home it came! Oh...I love FREE inspiration! I also have this lovely ivory rose compote that I picked up at the thrift store a few weeks ago...$1.99...couldn't resist!
Friday night I took a little "ME" time and went to an antique mall called MILLTOWN MARKET that is in an old sawmill that I am thinking of getting Vendor space at,as they were having a girls night out! I had promised myself I was ONLY window shopping...yeah right! With all the great sales they had going on...how could a girl possibly resist this Vintage Paris hat box...for....are you ready? I hope you are all sitting....lol...snagged this little beauty for only $3.50.
I had to put together a quick little vignette of my Millinery vision... So with a piece of lace I already have, some vintage gloves,and a vintage hat that I bought a while back at goodwill for 99 cents...I was armed and ready.

Lets play hat shop girls...and all less for $10.00......

Oh...can't you see this little stash of goodies...so cheap...so inspiring....so VINTAGE!

I can hardly wait to show you what I quickly put together....

My mind is spinning...I am so inspired...BUT......

I will need to do the following....

1. Shop for new paint...pink?
2. Hmmm....Replace that floor?
3. Re-think the light fixtures I saw at Lowes!
4. Get to fabric store...new draperies perhaps?
5. Check budget....

Oh, I have come to a complete stop here! Girls have you ever had your thrifty treasures inspire a project that is suddenly...over budget?
Yes ladies my less than $10.00 vignette looks like it could come to a $500.00 or more project...
Perhaps I will go over to Dianes and visit all the other girls and "window" shop for some ideas to make my MILLINERY SHOP come more within budget....
Hats off to you DIANE for having this thrifty little event!


  1. Hi Jane,
    I fixed your link. Looks like you have some wonderful vintage things to share. Thanks for linking to 2nd Time Around!

  2. Jane, just love your ideas and little treasures. Yep, been there done that, my litle ideas turn into big money, but hey it doesn't hurt to dream and who knows with a little imagination and a little window shopping you might can get it done alot cheaper.
    Thanks for stopping by my homeplace.

  3. LOVe that Paris hatbox...you lucky girl! I have a "millinery bathroom". I'll have to sahre picture of it sometime. Happy 2nd Time Around Tuesday!

  4. Fantastic,I love that hatbox.What a find....Ann

  5. It's funny how our inspirations can become quite the expensive project. Love the hatbox and all the lovelies in it. Enjoy...

  6. The vendor booth idea is terrific!
    Ohhh, that hatbox is to die for.
    Have always loved those.
    Hope your cold is gone!
    Sunny today!

  7. I love how your mind thinks, Jane! Very, very creative!

    And I hope and pray you are feeling all better...


    Sheila (who is t as in tired!)

  8. Love anything Paris! The Hatbox is beautiful! Every Project I start which is a great deal in the beginning, Mr. B says costs him whole alot more money and work! LOL
    I am missing your sister. Is she alright?


  9. what a great vignette.i love the hat stand thank you for such a pretty picture.

  10. Hello Lady Jane, I do love your blog name. To answer your question the oak post is part of my tall double mantel for our fireplace. The wall to the right is 20 feet tall and on the other side is my kitchen hutch. I have posted the fireplace before. I can see why you would think that though.

    I like your hat box and the wooden spindle. You can dream you know. I loved your ideas. Smile.


  11. Love your Paris hatbox--I know how projects have a way of growing too!

  12. The hatbox is a wonderful find! I LOVE your vignette of all the items! BEAUTIFUL!

  13. Beautiful!!! What a great mix!