Thursday, February 5, 2009


Ladies, Now I know WHY my Mom named me JANE!
This week has been full of running...RUN JANE RUN!

Not much time to play here in blogland, and I so wanted to have a great post for my first participation over at Colorado Ladys Blog for Vintage Thingies Thursday!

My Mom is having oral surgery today and with all the pre-surgery appointments ,surgery itself and after surgery appointments the week has been ...well...GO JANE GO! So just like this Vintage Dick and Jane...WE COME and WE GO! Although I wish it was as easy as hopping on my tricycle and speeding off!

My Mom is a severe diabetic,wheelchair bound as a result of neuropathy so this is not going to be easy , she does have a way of making things "worse", but I really feel this is going to be more than she expects! Her grocery list contains the following items..... POPCORN
Not what I'm thinking a woman having ALL her teeth out is going to be eating...but (LOL) Mother Knows Best!
So I'm thinking that it will be ANOTHER trip to the Grocery trunk is full of things I know she can eat! It is really hard to find "soft" things for a Diabetic!

Please say a little prayer for her, and I have already asked God for an extra dose of patience the next few days for ME.

I really want to play here in blogland, you know SEE JANE PLAY! But because I have to probably stay at her house a day or so I will probably not get to come out and play! So for now....this Vintage Jane has to ...

GO JANE GO!!!!!!
Before I leave though SEE this SPOT ( get it Jane????SPOT)
CLICK ON THE SPOT to get over to play in the blogs of all the girls that get to play in VINTAGE THINGIES THURSDAY!
See Dick say "Do not cry Jane!"


  1. Welcome to VTT! I love your vintage books.
    Just FYI, neither of your links on the Mr. Linky work. Instead of typing in your URL, you should copy it right out of the bar and paste it in.
    Hope all goes well w/ your mother today.

  2. Oh Honey, I'll be praying for lots of patience to be sent your way. My mother had diabetes and she spent a lot of time with me, so let's just say I understand. Debbie

  3. Jane, this was a terrific post for VTT. Loved the books, really terrific shape, and how you tied it in with your dialogue was really fun.
    I hope and pray that you survive the next few days. Lordy!
    Better go get some oatmeal, cream of wheat, and broth....there's no popcorn in your Mom's future for several weeks!
    Hang in there babycakes! Run, don't walk, to insanity!

  4. Jane, You are a daily Blessing! Thank God for your sense of humor. :) I relate to you all of the time when you talk about your Mom. This AM at 6 AM Mom and I were off to the hospital for her quarterly out patient surgery for problems with kidney/bladder. She'll be ok, but boy do I relate to GO JANE GO! I love reading your blogs and I am so glad you had a chance to catch up with us.
    Take a deep breath and take care of yourself too.
    God Bless you,

  5. What cute vintage books! My M-I-L just had all her teeth out and she is a diabetic and wheelchair bound do to the neuropathly (bad stuff!) My mother in law came thur with flying colors and feels so much better. Ha! Least your mom has heathly things on her list, mine has ice cream, rolos, know soft stuff! Gotta kept these ladies on the right menu. Good luck with her surgery.

  6. Good luck while you are running a Go Jane Go marathon. I hope you can check in now and then. Take care of yourself too.

  7. Jane, I'm thinking of you and hoping things go well with your mom. Hopefully having the bad teeth go will be a help. I'm not sure you can get a pork chop in a blender, but hey, it's worth a shot! LOL! ;-)

    Love you,

    Sheila :-)

  8. It is so nice to meet you. I love all your vintage books. I'll be praying for you during your time of marathon running. Be sure to take care of you. Thanks for swinging by to see the blue and white tablescape with Miss Kitty and Mr. Mouse. We truly enjoyed your visit. I hope to see you again soon. hugs ~lynne~

  9. AH, Jane, maybe that popcorn will have to go in the blender! Thinking of you....

  10. Maybe your mom will settle for those little popcorn cakes or rice cakes dunked in milk...


  11. Thanks for following my blog A Robin's Nest. Oh how I remember the Dick and Jane books!

  12. Well I don't know how I can say I enjoyed this post but...I did! Those old readers took me back! Mothers can be soooo funny, can't they? I'll tell you the rest in an email LOL.