Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Dear Lady has been around the block.....

A fond Good Day to all the girls participating in 2nd Time Around Tuesday with our lovely Diane from A Picture is worth a 1,000 words. Please click on the 2nd time button to visit more of the ladies partaking of todays event!

I would like to introduce you to a new participant whom,if she could talk would surely share with you that she has been around the block a few times! Ladies...please meet my new dress form!

I have named her "VICTORIA ROSE"! Victoria after my BFF Vicki,and my love of Victorian Decor. And Rose after my love of roses and my Grandma Rose!

Victoria has resided at Vickis in her lovely primitive kitchen for quite a while,but my BFF wanted an antique spinning wheel ,so I bought Victoria from her for a steal!
I have ALWAYS wanted an antique dress form,and because Vicki knew it I was the lucky one whom received her to treasure! She came "dressed" in this outfit....she was quite the Ol' Prim gal displayed with her Prim hat and apron,but Victoria needs a new dress,or perhaps a creative me needs to re-style her outfit to fit into my Victorian Old-world style...or perhaps I shall change her with the seasons!

I have just started to invision her new outfits,and this hat below purchased Sunday at the Goodwill for $1.49 may be a great start...I see it adorned with a Rose bouquet and perhaps becoming her first Easter Bonnet.

To the left of her is an antique footstool piled with pillows,one of which has a vintage doily attached! Well you know how I love vintage linens!
Vicki (not to be confused with Victoria Rose) also gifted me with a dust ruffle that is to small for my bed I have draped it over her with her new hat...what do you think?Perhaps another treasure to be made for 2nd time around Tuesday?????
Ok ladies...please join Victoria Rose and I visiting all the girls over at Dianes!
And to my BFF..Vicki...enjoy your Sister coming to visit you today from Florida. You know I am going to miss our morning chats,and lol...I refuse to mention that I am trying to not be jealous,as you know how I wish I had a Sister, but thank you for sharing your dress form treasure with me! And now" Victoria Rose" (is it ok to talk to your dress form?) you and I have some visitng of our own to do!


  1. Hi, Jane ...

    I can't wait to see Miss Victoria Rose in all her Easter finery. You're off to a great start with that pretty bonnet.

    I'll be back to visit y'all again soon to see how things are going.



  2. Hmmm...talking to yer dress form...yes, it's okay, UNLESS they start answering back...ha ha that's an old joke, talk about "second time around" I think I've heard that joke more like "tenth time around" LOL...

    I can't wait to see her dressed up! The idea of changing her with the seasons is VERY appealing! Oooo, I love that little pillow with the doily, is that "new" or have you had it awhile?

    Now what I need is a dress form that would be in the "Big Hilda" style...LOL...

  3. Love your vintage Victoria Rose all dolled up!...Christine

  4. Oh Lady Jane.I am so proud for you.Yes,this is so very special.And they are VERY pricey.Congrats...ann

  5. Oh, my goodness...I just LOVE Victoria Rose. She is so fetching in her bonnet and 'shawl' and to change her with the seasons is a fabulous and such fun idea. It will be a blast searching the thrift shops for goodies for her. If I only had a spot to put one...no...I can FIND a spot...it's the MONEY I can't find!
    So expensive and you are blessed to have Vicki for a friend. NOW, I have had, up in my attic for over 40 years, an antique, small spinning wheel that, actually, I had forgotten about. It is all apart but think all the pieces are there. I need to find someone with a vintage dress form to swap !!!!! ;>)
    xo bj

  6. Hi...what fun it nmust be to have Victoria Rose to dress up! ;-) Bo

  7. I am jealous,I love Victoria Rose.I can not wait to see her in her neww finery she is going to be a beauty no matter what she chooses to wear.

  8. Hi Jane your dress form is a treasure. I have a fancy for them too. I sold mine when I retired from selling antiques. I miss it too. such is life.


  9. Victoria Rose is just beautiful! I think it's perfectly OK to talk to your dress form. I talk to myself, the dog, the room I'm standing in . . . maybe I need help. :-\

    Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

  10. Now you have somebody more to dress in the morning! Sheesh girl!
    Know you've been wanting one forever.
    I try every day to post a comment.
    Blogger hates me!

  11. Hi Lady Jane,
    Thanks so much for linking to 2nd Time Around on Tuesday!

    I love Victoria Rose!

    Please forgive me for taking so long to stop by!