Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pink Saturday...Put on your Pink Spyware Please!

I am sharing some Pink Rose China listed in my ETSY the picture of the Haviland
Cake Plate and Bowl to take you there...but FIRST...PLEASE...

This past week I have been having some MAJOR problems with e-mails, I believe it may have originated from Google but all problems have been fixed...and I have changed account info and passwords you are SAFE with me! As a result of the problems I elected NOT to sign up for Pink I saw no need to pass a Pinkie Virus to any of you!
This entire thing has caused me to run for the Pink-Pepto Bismo Bottle a couple of times!!!
First because it was so upsetting to think I may be a victim of Identity Theft!
Second to think that my Pink Space had been so invaded....and Most Importantly....
To think I may be sharing this virus with my Friends here in Blogland!
So Again girls a Pinkie Plea for you all to Run that Spyware often...change security questions often.....change passwords often!
So that there is no Pink Saturday withdraw for me...I am posting some Pink even though I am not listed in our lovely Beverly's list today!
Congrats to our lovely hostess for her 365 in 365! Click on the Pink Saturday logo on my sidebar to take you to ALL the Pink Saturday Girls!
Remember that spyware...join me in Spring Cleaning your Computers.....
PINKIE...I know you are ALL SAFE WITH ME!!!!!!!


  1. Wonderful pinkies today! Thanks so much for sharing. Pink Saturday is always so much fun for me. You get to know the bloggers and also get so many great ideas for your home and for your he♥rt, too.

  2. Lady so sorry about the pink virus, glad to see you got it straightened out. I just love your Haviland pink rose dishes, the cake plate is just so, so...oh I can't think of the work....beautifully special. I think I'm in love..

  3. Argh, I hate it when my bloggie friends get Pink Eye! Those horrible viruses!!! RUN JANE RUN, RUN SPYWARE JANE!

    Those are sure some pretty plates you have in your Etsy store! I LOVE LUSTERWARE! And you sure have lots of other pretty things, too.

  4. Glad you got it all sorted out, Jane! There's been some nastiness going on with blogger, too. Not sure what.

    Take care and know you are loved. Love your pink today, too!

    Happy PS!


    Sheila who has had a crazy week (but Mr. Magpie's stone hasn't moved more)

  5. Thanks for the tip chickie!
    It looks like tornado weather outside, which is also part of spring in our areas, right?
    Love those dishes, oh my!
    You, have a terrific weekend, and thanks again for the pinkie tip.

  6. Just stopped by the thank you for joining my Giveaway (the winner was Cathy at The Stylish Home) You have a beautiful blog! I will come visit often!
    Have a great week,

  7. Nice china you have with the pink flowers. And thanks for the warning.

  8. I am glad your pinkie issues were resolved.