Monday, March 9, 2009


Happy Blue Monday! Today I thought I would share a little blue psychology! Well blue psychology of sorts,as I have been up a good portion of the night patrolling the water coming into my basement! Unfortunately it was not lovely "blue" water like that of the ocean,or a calming bear with me ladies as I guess I am just "singing the blues"!
A little bit about the color blue ...did you know that the viewing the color blue can lower your pulse rate and your body temp?
Did you know that they often paint offices in the color blue as it tends to make people more productive? (Time for a color change in my!)
Did you know that eating from a blue plate may lower your desire to eat?( I'm throwing out the diet book and scale and going to buy blue dishes!)
Did you know that the color Blue is used in many phrases? There are "good"blue phrases and "bad" blue phrases!
If you recall I am trying here to think positive,so I shall share with you the "GOOD BLUES"

*true faithful blog followers

*Out of the a compliment you never expected

*blue ribbon...As in a winner...and lol yep...Pabst Blue Ribbon BEER

*blueblood-As in a person of significance

*into the wild in I need a me a flight

*baby in my sleepy little eyes

*Blue in a wonderful place to enjoy and view all the "blues" (remember it will lower your pulse rate) so get over to smiling sallys blog for some real relaxing fun and the list of productive girls that have posted their blues with you!
So click here...take flight with the BLUEBIRD OF HAPPINESS and fly into the Wild Blue will take you there!
And if you would like to find more color psychology and more blue words visit
Happy Blue Monday!


  1. What a wonderful lesson on the word "blue". Have a happy Blue Monday.

  2. Jane! You poor thing! Isn't this the second time this winter? I'm so sorry. HUGS!

    Loved your blue analogies. And I do like that blue pic, too.

    Wishing you much love on this Blue Monday!


    Sheila :-)

  3. Great post, Jane! I love learning new things.

  4. Must be why the color is so popular eh? I use to get so excited when my mood ring would change to blue as kid.
    Gina Jo

  5. Oh, sorry about the water!! Hope it is all cleaned out SOON !!
    Funny thing, I have a post draft with the MEANING OF THE COLOR BLUE and all the sayings and funny is THAT. Great minds running on the same track, I would say!! haha..I'll scrap that post and move on to something else. It's getting harder for me to come up with something to post BLUE!
    xo bj

  6. Of course blue would have many positive connotations! Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

  7. I'm so buying blue dishes! Happy Blue Monday to you!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good luck with the water! That would certainly make me "blue."

  9. Jane,

    I love this post! Why, it cheered me right up. So sorry to hear about your basement and the water. I wish I could send you beautiful sparkling blue water in its place.


  10. Oh my about that water coming into your basement. I hope you get a handle on it and it subsides. Been there done that and we're still trying to make a lasting remedy. I really enjoyed your blue post and all the blue phrases!

  11. Hi Jane, Your blue post today is a great read. Love the blue info you shared. Oh no, water in your basement is a bad blue. Hope you can stop it.


  12. What a great lesson in the art of blue.Blue is a calming color.It just seems to relax you.Great post.

  13. I would post something longer but I'm off to buy some blue plates. I'm willing to try anything!


  14. Sorry to hear about your basement - I've been there, done that - long ago. Now I'm off to buy some blue plates, too I can use all the help I can get. ~ Robyn

  15. Running late this week visiting blogs....Hope you had a great Blue Monday!

  16. Happy Blue Monday
    I enjoyed reading all these blue facts. Some are new to me...thank you for sharing.
    have a lovely rest of this blue day.

  17. Jane,

    I like your name!

    Very informative & funny post! I am so sorry about your basement...been there, done that (better go check right now, in fact!).

    Happy (gulp) Blue Monday!


  18. Blue skies...
    Blue moon...

    Gracious, I want to hear you are back in the PINK and all that dratted water is gone from yer basement!

    I'm a bit be a day late in chiming in...let's blame GOOGLE...