Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Living Room...TRASHED for the sake of Trash to Treasure.....

Since the living room is trashed anyway on a project that I am working on...I thought you might as well share it today on trash to treasure! This is just a peek...I cropped out the real mess I made creating this little T to T, and I'm just showing you a peek at the project today and will show you more on another post......
Well...this lovely little Zebra vignette is a work in progress....an altered bottle,an altered book,an altered lampshade....all sitting on the altered table that is my current work in progress!
Want to see more????
Of course I know you do.....
Want to know how I did it?
Of course I know you do.....
This is just a sneak peek of the project, I have cropped out the real mess I have created in trashing my living room to get this project done...but once I get the mess cleaned up I will share a few of my how-to...and the finished project....so stay tuned.....
And now rather than trying to peek further into my messy livingroom (hey...a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do for the sake of Trash to Treasure Tuesday) please get over and visit with our hostess Diane and all the girls listed there for this wonderful Trash to Treasure Tuesday!
Now...unlike me...Diane has let the Maid in....so please click here on MAID SERVICE to take you there!


  1. hahahaaa...you have the cutest sense of humor..
    can't wait to see just what all is going on in your living room....

  2. You, tease, you! Love what you've done!


    Sheila :-)

  3. I like the sneak peek and would love to see more!:-)

  4. Too much cuteness going on!! Love the sneak peek and I'll be back.
    Roxanne@ Beverly Sandhills

  5. oh--you're a big tease.i cannot stand waiting.but just for you...i will...Ann

  6. This all looks very interesting....remember when they said that on Laugh In....oh, you're probably too YOUNG for that era, right?
    Sheesh...you whippersnapper!

  7. Girls, isn't Lady Jane horrible? So talented, and so mean...just giving up a tiny peek...

    I can't wait to see WHAT and HOW you did it all!!!

  8. Simply lovely, you are SO creative!

  9. It will be interesting when you're finished with the trashing.

  10. Hi Jane,
    Look forward to seeing what you do with the living room!

    Great post, and thanks for linking to 2nd Time Around!


  11. Can't wait to see the rest! Sure wish Diane would send her maid to my house!