Sunday, June 14, 2009


Life is surely full of of the blessings is all my wonderful friends in blogland that have sent e-mails asking if all was okay! Yes dear friends all is OKAY, I have just been so very busy and find no excuse for not letting all know that I was taking a blogging break! everyone is wondering well...What was Lady Jane up to?

Well...we had Janelle's graduation from the University, garden season(still not done...and I don't think I will be soon), a few decorating and gardening jobs,a garage sale, my Mom with lots of Dr. appointments (all is the same....nothing better-nothing worse), an ugly case of sun poising on myself (still itching a bit), the spring opening and continued work on the sailboat(which actually may get to Montrose Harbor in Chicago next week-still ugly as ever and still under major renovation) busy on MANY sewing and paining projects.....

And my biggest MOST exciting news.........

Sharing the first ultrasound with you...can you make it out at all? Precious head to the left (see the little eyes...nose( already joking baby has Grammys nose) and mouth? Little fist to left of head.....arm pointing down to rest of body.....and the precious little feet.....2 feet....five toes of 10 precious little toes!

Today is the halfway mark....20 weeks! It is 15 more days until we have the next ultra-sound and HOPEFULLY.....Crossing fingers...... they can determine the sex! keep telling IS a boy....he will be the little KING of our castle.....but if you all can keep a little secret....I am just dying to buy some pink fabric.......not to mention all the PINK SATURDAY posts I could share in,AND.....SHHHHHHH.....not to mention the hidden tote of PINK RUFFLEY Outfits I have already bought...but if it is a boy...Smiling Sally I'll have lots of Blue Monday posts to share......
BUT regardless of the sex I ask God for a healthy little be blessed with one of lifes truest treasures! I pray for the health of my daughter (she has had her share of health issues)
as she carries my first GRANDBABY...and brings tears to my eyes when I look at that little belly just beginning to bulge!
YAHOO....I AM going to be a GRAMMY! And trust me...I'll keep you all posted...and someday I will get around to responding to ALL the e-mails asking if all is OKAY!




  1. Congratulations Lady Jane! I am so thrilled for you at the news. I can tell you are so excited. Fun stuff you will be able to share when this baby comes. You are so lucky to have your new grandbaby close by. Mine is in Florida and me in California. Waaaaaa....Makes it hard to have any bonding time. I have only seen her once at 8 months. She will be 3 on the 18th. I was so glad to hear from you and that you are okay. You had me worried girl.
    Take care now,

    P.S. I did a recent post with Helmi on my craft blog.

  2. This is the most exciting news ever. Congratulations, and please keep us posted.

    You know that I loved buying little girl clothes, but I have a son and grandson. They are the greatest ever.

    Enjoy every minute of sweet anticipation.

    WOO HOO....
    You KNOW that I'll be praying for a healthy little baby, boy or girl !!
    I know from experience how blessed you feel and how happy. O, it's a WONDERFUL time in your life...
    I am excited!!

  4. Oh Jane, this is WONDERFUL news. We have 7 grandchildren, and we love each one of them.

  5. Hello Jane, its good to see you back in blogland and OH how exciting to be a Grandmother! We have 17 grandchildren and one more on the way in October. It will be more exciting when they determine the sex and you can start buying stuff! woohoo! shopping for babies are the best!
    Love, Ann

  6. Howdy Jane ,excuse me Grammy :)
    I am so thrilled for you.
    What a blessing.
    I am looking forward to all the many awesome delightful updates .
    What a sweet miracle.
    Will pray for good health all the way around.
    Blessings to you sweet lady.
    Thank you for sharing such joyful news.

  7. Yepee, there is nothing like being a Granny. It is wonderful. Will hold you all in my prayers.
    Can't wait to know if we are going to see you more on Blue Monday or Pink

  8. Wait, let me see if I understood this post..........You are going to be a what?


    Oh you are so going to LOVE it, my friend!
    Welcome back !! LOL

  9. Now I know why you have been sooooooo busy.
    Lady Jane you will be the sweetest Grammy ever.
    God love her to pieces...or love him lol
    Love Claudie

  10. Now you know...being a Grammy is the absolute best, and so, so different from parenthood. It just washes over you, it's deeper, it's just wonderful. I wish you every joy possible during the rest of the gestation, and upcoming birth.
    God's blessings on you and your daughter.
    Wouldn't a girl be nice though? Sigh...
    I sure love being a Grammy, and hearing my little sweet girl call me that. You will too!