Friday, July 24, 2009


Happy Friday Morning to all! Well I am a very BUSY Grammy! There are bedrooms to paint....
Lamp Shades to be decorated.....
Burb Pads...bibs....and Blankies all on the sewing table...
And here I sit...bending pipe cleaners...into flowers...and butterflies....and

Beautiful Baby Shower Favors!
As previously viewed you all know the theme of the Nursery and Baby Shower is Butterflies....
Yep Ladies...No worm boxes here...

Although our lovely Hostess today over at does have a lovely bathroom remodel going on...all inspired by a WORM BOX...but since my heart "FLUTTERS" in delight of being a GRAMMY....I shall sit and work on Butterflies!!!!!!! is pretty amazing (patting myself on back) what you can do with some pastel pipe cleaners (do they still call them pipe cleaners?) a party napkin, a pom-pom and some plastic (pink of course) cutlery!

Butterflies....Well so far I have got the "sample" started...with only about 49 more to go! And I'm not quite sure that I have it perfected yet....

So what do you all think so far?
Is this going to be cute or what?

Hmmmm...The Belly of my Janelle
whom by the way we always called "NELLY ITCH BELLY" when she was a little one busting...she is at 25 weeks now...

This Grammy is going to send you all fluttering over to GET R DONE FRIDAY over at the lovely blog of that I can get some work done! This is a on the belly to get you there...have fun...please leave a comment...and have a very creative day!


  1. You are full of it today, aren't you? Love the little butterflies you are crafting! Clever idea, yet so cute! I think a worm theme could also have been appropriate, and the type of party theme that kinky guests could enjoy a chuckle at! There was a lucky worm several months ago!!! Thanks for posting today!

  2. Hmmm...I'm hoping Nelly itchy belly does NOT peek at this post...she is NOT going to be happy that her belly is out for all the blog-world to see!

  3. I just love your cute ideas!!! I will have to remember that one for way down the road! lol

    Oh, how I wish I had some pictures of my pregnant belly! That is such a cute idea! She will be so happy to have those pictures later I'm sure!

    Get R Done!!!

  4. Lady Jane
    I love Janelle's belly. I adore your pretty little butterflies.
    Just wanted to say hi from Canada.
    Love Claudie

  5. LOL, you are so excited about this little your little butterflies.

  6. The flowers and the butterflies are adorable! I love them!

    No, pipe cleaners are now called a fancier know how "noodles" got elevated into "pasta" -- well, "pipe cleaners" got elevated to "chenille stems" -- I kid you not -- so I love those "stem" favors you are creating...tres chic...

    Oh dear, Janelle's inny button is turning into an outie button already...yikes...she's going to be BIG...

  7. Oh Lady Jane!
    These are just precious, and I love the 25 weeks pic. Just so sweet of her to share. I just love it. The butterflies are keepers. Such a cute get-r-done. Please stop by and say hi.
    Country Hugs, Sherry

  8. Jane, these are so cute. I love them.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a good one and am trying to go visit PS posters (and you) before I leave town. And you have those perfected . They are CUTE. Why didn't you post them for PS??? Everyone would love them!


    Sheila :-)

  9. Hi Jane,
    The butterflies are darling, what a cute project! I love the belly shot too, that would be a fun one to put in the baby book!

  10. What a sweet picture! She might want to kill you now, but she'll thank you later ;)


  11. I think your butterflies are just perfect!

  12. I think it's cute! Congratulations on being a gammy! :-) Everybody must be real excited.

    Happy Pink saturday!


  13. You're keeping very busy, and carrying the butterfly theme to the shower too. What fun to go through all of this; it makes the 9 months fly by, doesn't it?
    Hope all is well, and life is sweet.
    Grammy time is getting near.

  14. I absolutely adore that pregnant belly shot. Just gorgeous!!! Definitely frame it!!

  15. Fun butterflies! I also wanted to thank you for visiting my blog.

  16. I was trying to think of the new name for pipe cleaners and discovered Dame Penniwig already piped with that! I can feel your excitement jumping out at me through the monitor, screen or what ever we want to call it now. LOL! Cute post here and clever projects. Can't wait to see what projects you come up with next!