Thursday, July 23, 2009

VTT...Bear with I flutter thru this!

Ok..I am so sorry ladies that I can not get my VTT pic for today to show up....SO...because I can tell you that my VTT post for today WAS going to be...something...well...of course for the BABY, I will share with you a VINTAGE CLIP of a Baby from my dear friend Penniwig....if you clip on the image below it will take you to her blog where she everyday has FREE vintage graphics!
What I am working on transforming a vintage teddy bear into a butterfly...check back..but for now I shall leave you with just the sweet vintage graphic as I go and mess with this camera!!!!!!
I just got this camera not to long don't suppose it is my VINTAGE mind that fails me...or that my heart is such a flutter over the fact that TODAY marks 100 days till baby is DUE to arrive.....I have GOT to get this Camera working...but enjoy all the Vintage postings today!


  1. Thanks for coming by for a visit.
    Have a great day.
    Barbara jean

  2. What an amazing ultrasound! It makes it all the more "real" and exciting during the long wait for baby to arrive out and about!!!

  3. Lovely bear....geesh. Some posting today. You should really get your act together, CLOWN - indeed! (happy VTT to YOU!) (false teeth in a WORM BOX??....Some people!)

  4. That is an incredible ultrasound pic!
    My goodness...that girl wants out to go shopping with her Grammy!
    Girls just wanna have fu-un!

  5. That is an awesome ultrasound picture. Amazing. What we missed out on when we were having our kids! Got that camera working yet?