Thursday, August 13, 2009

VTT...Sigh...A Cradle......

Happy Thursday all! Once again it is time for Vintage Thingy Thursday over at the lovely blog And today this Grammy to be is sharing a vintage Jenny Lind cradle.......And the wonderful story behind it........... Dear neighbor and I were out to some garage sales when from the road I spot this I can hardly wait for her to park when I'm jumping out of the van......
Oh for the GRAMMY excitement......the thrill of the Grammy hunt!
I look a it....and ask .."How Much??????"
"Two Dollars......."
"TWO DOLLARS??????????"
Oh for the GRAMMY excitement.........
"Oh my God" I exclaim as I almost KISS this lovely lady..........
Excitement building..."OH...I'll take it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Rambling now..."I am going to be a GRAMMY"
"First time huh?"
"Well I want you to just take it!!!!!!"
"TAKE IT???"
God Thank You for that wonderful woman! of the projects was to make some bumpers...sheets...a sweet pillow......
You can see this is still in the works....and YES...I will remove the scissors......

To the left folded on it is a quilt I am making for inside will have all the pictures of the GRANDMAS on it that JALINA ROSE is being named for.....
Jane ( me..Grammy...sigh)
Pauline......her Great-Nana Grandma..... Great Grandma........
I promise to share a finished pic of the memory quilt...and the cradle when all is finished...but with a little sanding and a new coat of stain/varnish.......
Isn't it wonderful sweet vintage!
Now girls...before you all are hushed to sleep as I hum....Rock a-bye-Baby......
Click here to see all the treasures for VTT!


  1. What a sweet cradle. You have done a great job making the bedding for the cradle. Congrats on being a new grandma. Have a great VTT!

  2. Everything about this post is just awesome.

    Congratulations - - - it's fun to be a grandmother, I know, I R 1

  3. Wonderful project, so sweet! I just want to hug the post!

  4. Gorgeous cradle & the bedding is so sweet & feminine.

  5. Are you serious...she gave it to you?!? Congrats on your find and the joy that will be filling your heart as a Grandmother!

  6. So sweet! Looks like you are doing a great job getting prepared for the sweet darling. Joy! :)

  7. Congratulations on being a new Grammy. Oh..the thrill of holding that sweet's more instant love than one can imagine. It's wonderful..and so is that sweet cradle and all the beautiful things you're making. Happy VTT ..
    have a wonderful weekend.

  8. I love your story - and congratulations on your soon to be first grandchild - I really like how she will be named!

  9. What a sweet cradle, and bless that woman for just giving it to you! You are going to be a wonderful Grammy!

  10. Oh my goodness! What a sweet story, it was as though that cradle were MEANT for little Jalina Rose. It is beautiful, what an eye you've got.

    Sounds to me as though everyone is anticipating the arrival of the little princess. I sure hope we get to see at least her cute little hands. Baby hands are so cute:)

  11. wowweeee for $2.. that is a great find! look at the wood.. sturdy! awesomely sweet cradle! Isn't fun to be a Grammy! esp when you know your first grandbaby would be a girl!.. hehehe

    have a great day!

  12. OK you win.
    A free cradle for a new grammy is better than 28 free doilies any day. =0))
    Nice job on all the accessories. I know they will be wonderful!

    Glad for you all around!!

    Barbara Jean

  13. Gosh, what a great name for the baby! My middle name is Rose, dad used to say, "Oh, Rose, the flower of our family...the bloomin' idiot..." LOL...Well what can I say, it was a rough family...

    You're so talented at sewing, dearie!

  14. How wonderfully awesome!!! It's so sweet and I'm excited as I read about your excitment. The perfect VTT post. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Now that IS definitely a treasure, and the new granddaughter will be even more of a treasure. Congratulations! I'll be back looking for a posting with a picture of the new baby. The bedding looks great. laurie

  16. Congratulations on becoming a Grammy and on finding the lovely cradle!

  17. Being a grandma is the best! What a lucky baby you will have for that beautiful cradle.