Friday, August 14, 2009

Well it is time to GET R DONE

Well here we are with another GET R DONE FRIDAY over al the blog of our friend Classy Chassy where we show pics of our completed projects...and the nursery is ALMOST I will share today some of the projects...just a peek and tomarrow for pink saturday...I will post some more so stop back in.....

First we have a pic of the window to enlarge to see the beautiful butterflies ( the theme) that billow among the tulle bows.....

And of our favorite parts is the canopy that hangs above her for a princess huh? I wish you could see the detail of the ribbons and tulle better...and the cord cover that matches her chandelier....
The canopy was VERY plain and simple from IKEA and with some fussin up from Grammy is just what we wanted...
You'll notice the butterflies here too if you click to enlarge...they are at the top and holding back the swags of the canopy!

Please don't mind the bag of clothes sitting in the crib...they will go into the lovely little dresser/hutch as soon as we finish lining the drawers with the "baby powder" drawer liner Grammy is making.

You can also see on the side rail the beautiful bedding from Cocalo called "Sugar Plum" that was our inspiration for the room! And last but not least is the confirming factor that she will be Jalina Rose...
I am still hand painting "details" on her name wall! The details will match the mural on another wall that I am painting.... So with so many details to finish on Project Nursery here..for now on this Get R Done Friday gal is going to paint!

Well all you little lurker ones that are supposed to be waiting for the grand reveal....
What do you think?????

Let this Grammy know...leave a comment...then hop over to CORGI-EXPRESS click here... and see what else the girls are getting done...

And please continue to follow me on this exciting project for our little princess......more pics tomarrow for PINK SATURDAY....


  1. Wow - I am so impressed with your craftiness! What a lovely welcome for a beautiful little butterfly that will soon be blessing your lives! Thanks for participating in GET R DONE! Great job!

  2. So......this is what you've been up to the entire summer, huh?
    Lovely results, and what a charming little room for Jalina Rose. My daughter's name is April Rosanne, which I always thought sounded so feminine. Jalina Rose is more so!
    Love the painted ceiling...and those butterflies! All your special touches scream love, love, love.
    Enjoy this time, and the days to come dear Jane.
    How can you continue on being naughty when you're going to be a role model!!??

  3. Oh Lady Jane...HOW BEAUTIFUL! What a lovely and welcoming room for the little one! You have been as busy as a butterfly, flitting here and there and everywhere to put that beautiful look together! No wonder yer too tired to be naughty...LOL...

  4. What a beautiful room for a beautiful little girl.

  5. What a lucky little granddaughter. This room is so feminine and pretty. Love that window valance, and the canopy over the baby bed - well, all of it is just lovely. laurie

  6. I just love your post..good to see those pink pink cute..thanks for the post..

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