Friday, September 25, 2009

Well...This Grammy Got it done........

Well everyone...If you remember we have been getting ready for my daughter's BABY shower...It was held last Sunday Sept. yes to all that have been following me on the preperations...we got it done...I have just started to go thru the pictures...but here is a start!
Above is a photo of the head table and the backdrop! Everything came out beautiful!
Above a picture of the "SHE'S SO SWEET" Sweet table...see the pink chocolate fountain to the right? It was so YUMMY! Below is a memory the left it says...Of course I'll be a Mommy was a beauty held photos of Janelle in Baby Beauty contest...and from when she was an infant! How did my baby grow up so quickly? Sigh...I am going to be a GRAMMY!!!!!!!

And again..Congratulations to my beautiful daughter Janelle...CONGRATULATIONS to her! It was truly a pleasure to get it done! I will be sharing lots more photos of her day! I hope to share lots more pictures tomarrow for Pink Saturday...but...for now this exhausted Grammy will ask...So do you think I got her done or what? And now....I'm off to help our little Mommy put everything looks like Babies R Us exploded in our living room and dining room!
This was a most wonderful day full of tears,smiles and memories!
THANK YOU DEAR FRIENDS for sharing this day with us!


  1. Thanks for taking a break and joining in GET R DONE FRIDAY with us! You must be exhausted, Grammy! But what fun, and something so memorable for your daughter to be able to share with her child one day! It sounds like a fabulous day that you had, such a good time! You will be a great grammy - no doubt about it!

  2. You may get two comments from me..that olel word verification thing threw the first one off, I think. Good thing I came back to check.
    ANYWAY...have fun putting all the cute stuff away..Such fun and it looks like the shower was so so cute...

  3. Yay! Some pictures of the shower. I am looking forward to others. I am glad the shower was a success. Especially since you worked so hard on it. Now you can relax a bit, right?

  4. Oh this turned out awesome!!

    What cute decorations, and wonderful memories.

    blessings on all,

    barbara jean

  5. I'm really loving those pennants!!! SHE'S SO SWEET, indeed...just like her grammy!!!

    It really came out beautiful.

  6. What a cute baby shower you did for your daughter! I'm sure that your grand baby and your daughter will treasure all that you did for them during their special time!


  7. Oh Lady Jane
    I cannot believe how beautiful the Ultra sound pics look... It's amazing. Really.
    You did a great great job on the tables and decor.
    Janelle must still be smiling.
    Love Claudie

  8. It all looks wonderful - and very pink :-). I'm sure it was a wonderful affair and that everyone had a wonderful time. I hope you are having a great day.

  9. Oh what a beautiful party!! The sweet table was just the best.
    Happy PS..xo Tami

  10. Looks like it was a wonderful baby shower - just so pretty! Happy Pink Saturday!

  11. What a beautiful baby shower!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. What an awesome shower! I hope you're resting up today!

  13. You came up with some really clever, and unusual ideas for this theme shower. The pennants are really cool, and the picture board is neat too. Lots of fun for everyone with so many clever ideas everywhere they looked. You did good Grammy....real good!

  14. Wow! Everything looks beautiful!

  15. Jane, you definitely did get it done, and it was fantastic. It is such a pleasure to share this joyous time with you.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  16. What a lovely shower! I absolutely loved the table. You did such a wonderful job and you will be a wonderful grammy!
    Hugs and glitter,

  17. Oh, sweet Jane... I'm so glad your shower was so perfect! You are the best, I tell you, the best! That baby has a SUPER Grammy. :-)

    Loved it ALL...


    Sheila (who has been computerless for days)

  18. Just coming by to say hello and that I am hoping your week is going great...What a sweet grammy you are going to be!!

  19. You sure did get it done,Just gorgeous.You set a mean baby could make a living at this.Congrats to your daughter and you.XXOO Marie Antionette

  20. Wow, y'all did a great job, what a beautiful table. Everything looked great. I know you can't wait, I know exactly how you feel, that first Grandchild is the most exciting one.