Friday, October 23, 2009

Jalina Rose...The Newborn Fashion Diva...

Good Morning bloggers, lurkers and those following the countdown to Jalina Rose! So what is this I'm sharing for GET R DONE FRIDAY????
Well our little Mommy to be has decided what outfit Jalina will be wearing home...
And of couse our little "Fashion Diva" would not want to have a "Plain Jane" Dress!
So today for Get R Done Friday I am sharing the accessories that Grammy ( yep...that's Plain Jane" either) has finished!
Now what Newborn could Possibly make the TOP 10 best dressed newborn list without a flowered pin and matching hairbow? Actually it is a hairbow-headband...very difficult to show without our lovely little model...

But don't you just love the colors?
A far cry from what we all brought our babies home in!

And with the countdown down to 9 days to the due date...what have we here? daughters own little GET R DONE Project....the little bun in the ready...she is 50% effaced...having Braxton Hicks contractions regularly....

And she loves the Grammy hairbow...

Well with 9 days to go...perhaps Grammy can make a few more hairbows...just in-case Mommy has time to change her mind....
So while I head over to the sewing machine...All you gals head over to corgi and see what the other gals have got done! Click on the lil' get her done banner and it will take you to classy chassys bloghome where she is sharing a lovely hobo bag she made...
A bag??? you think Jalina Rose needs a purse for this outfit?


  1. Of course she needs a purse! And floral clips for her shoes. You'd better get busy! ;-D

  2. OH! What an "ever so cute" post today! There is no arrival that could rival your grand daughter's big welcome into the world! What a lucky little one to have you for a granny! Thanks for joining in this week's GET R DONE FRIDAY!

  3. What a darling outfit. My son came home in something, can't really recall what, prolly just tee shirt and diaper, we had no preemie clothes...

    The hairbow is the finishing touch! I wonder if she will have a lot of hair or be one of those bald babies. Either way, the hairbow will look great perched up on her wee head.

  4. Thanks for your comment and coming over for a visit.

    I think you're Get R Done is much better than mine! I have a grandson I adore, but a little girl granddaughter would be an awesome addition.

    I love pink. Everything was so beaustiful!

  5. Okay just read more of your blog - I quit my job at the school system to take care of my mom and grandson in 2001. Never regretted it.

    Also you are an interior designer? None of my crafts will match up to yours!

  6. adorable...she'll be the most chic lil' princess in the nursery!

  7. What a cute outfit! I thought about you as I saw the signs to your town on the highway to and from the airport. We are now in Florida and visiting my son and family. So fun to see my little granddaughter.