Sunday, November 8, 2009

A talk to my Dad...and Birthday wishes,,,

This morning as I was going through a few files here on the computer up comes for some strange reason this picture of you Dad with our little Janelle! After yesterdays visit to the cemetary I know you are surely watching over us...and I feel your strength. You know Dad I always like to visit you on your birthday but I know this year you know we will be celebrating your birthday a whole lot differently!

Dad I can hardly believe that your little girl me is going to be a Grandma...that my little girl is going to be a Mommy! I see you smiling Dad,yep one of those smiles where I see your pride shining strong but so gentle!

You know Dad we all had hoped Jalina Rose would be born on your birthday,after all our little Nell was born on your Wedding Anniversary...and why wouldn't she want to have her Jalina Rose on your birthday Nov.10th! So far Dad it is looking that maybe...just maybe she might! Did I ever Thank you for keeping Jennifer on your anniversary and during that blizzard?

I'm asking you Dad to give us a gift for your birthday..again Dad I ask you for alot of strength. Like the line in the poem I wrote you what seems like so many years ago..I know you are on the tallest beam in heaven...shine down on us Dad,share with me your strength so that I can be as strong for our little Nell as you always were for me.

I know you are shining down on us from heaven...I know you are wishing you are here..I know YOU are the Grandest Great "GUMPA" there ever was! I know that before Jalina Rose comes from heaven to us that you will place a special little kiss upon her head!

Thanks Dad for always being my strength...Happy Birthday Dad...we love you...we miss you! And you know what I understand...being a Grandparent has got to me one of the best things in life!


  1. Dearest Jane,
    This was the most beautiful love letter that I've ever read, and Lordy, I'm still tearing up. My dad has been gone now for 38 years, but over those years, I have felt his presence, and his protection a multitude of times. Through it remains. Never forget that. God bless you, you little sista-soon to be grammy-you!

  2. Wow, this is really special! Got me teary-eyed too. I hope the baby does come on his birthday after all. That would be really awesome. Beautiful tribute to your special Dad!

  3. Thanks for sharing that sweet heartfelt letter :)

  4. So sweet, Jane. You know, I don't understand why I am not getting your blog posts on my google reader. They simply so not appear! I'm signed up as a follower. I'm the blue bird on there. So I don't get it. Hmmmm...


    Sheila :-)

  5. What a lovely letter - your dad must mean so much to you, even tho he is now gone. My dad was special too, and he lives on in the phrases we repeat of things he used to say - and whenever we see something unusual that reminds us of him...He will live on.

  6. I just read over at CorgiDogMama that you are going to be a grandma today - congrats and prayers for you and your family. Let us know.