Friday, November 13, 2009

Tu-Tu for you...Grammy got her time for PINK Saturday too....NOW WHERE ARE YOU? dear Jalina Rose...It is again time for Get R Done Fridays over at Grammys friends blog Classy Chassy...and as you already know Jalina Rose all of our friendies over at Beverlys How Sweet the Sound Bl0g are waiting to see pictures of you on PINK Saturday!

If indeed Jalina you were waiting for Grammy to finish your Tu-Tu...Wings...and Matching hairbow...well Grammy has it done darlin...You so need to come and model it for all the girls....

But here you are...content in Mommys Tummy! You could have been the best dressed at the Country Music Awards the other night...but you danced...happily in your Mommy's Tummy as we watched.

To all my blogging buddies...please say a little prayer for my Janelle and our Jalina Rose...this past Monday and Tuesday...she spent about 20 hours on pictocin to induce her....nada...12 hours with something to soften her cervex...nada. Yesterday at the Dr. (yes again) Dr. told us if indeed she does not come by this Monday he will do a C-section! Mommy wants really to have her naturally and Dr. is willing to try as all the monitoring over the past few days shows Baby is well...and Mommy is too! Please Jalina Rose...Come the angels can your Grammy can dance...and so the girls can see you in your tu-tu....maybe next week!

In the mean time girls...please click on the buttons on my side bar they will take you to lovely places to visit for Get R Done Friday...AND Pink Saturday....

And REALLY girls...I amgoing to be a GRAMMY...someday soon I hope!


  1. We are all watching and waiting, and prayers promised for a safe and speedy delivery! GET R DONE - FRIDAY - SATURDAY - we don't care, but GET R DONE SOOOOOOON! Blessings to you!

  2. Congratulations on "going to be a granny"! I hope it's soon......

  3. Add some prayers from Georgia coming your way too - I'll ask my family too. Hopefully she will come this weekend.

  4. oh to cute!!

    Thanks for coming by.

    barbara jean

  5. Good morning Lady Jane. I do hope Jalina Rose comes out soon so she can meet her parents and Grammy. She will be a celebrated little girl. All of blogland are waiting too.

    Thanks for your comment on our Molly Rose. Our girls have something in common. They are both perfect Roses.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  6. Ah, Jalina Rose is waiting to make a grand entrace! I pray that she arrives soon.

    That little tutu and fairy wings is so precious!!

    I hope you have a wonderful PiNk SaTurDaY and maybe Jalina Rose will arrive today!


  7. I guess Jalina is going to just come at her own sweet time. But golly, the rest of us are getting impatient here! Hope the delivery goes smoothly when the time finally comes.

    Hugs to you all,


  8. Mom and baby have our prayers. I'll throw one in for grandma and grandpa as well. Your post today was very sweet. I hope you are having a wonderful Pink Saturday.

  9. Happy Pink Saturday Lady Jane...
    Your precious Jalina Rose will be here before you know it. You know babies, in due time. They just don't come until they are ready.

    I so love these beautiful wings and the precious little tu-tu. I cannot wait to see Ms Jalina in them both.

    I will be saying some prayers for Janelle sweetie. Everything will be just fine. My sweet Heidi Girl had to have both of her girls c-section, they just would not come on their own. Janelle will be fine, and you my dear will be a Grammy.

    I have (7) grandkids and #8 is due in June. We are thrilled. Just can't wait to find out what it is.

    Have a beautiful Pink Saturday, and don't forget to post when this precious Jalina Rose arrives. I can't wait.

    Country hugs...Sherry

  10. Well, I hope and pray that your baby is here! I will tell you that I had my two C section years ago and it really wasn't that bad - and their heads come out so nice and round. Sometimes we don't know why God allows things -but there may be a reason you don't know and it is for the best. As long as they are healthy - right? Still praying though.

    And Mr. Chatty - no he didn't put things back!

  11. Congratulations on your new grandchild. I will be praying for a safe and easy delivery.

  12. Too cute. Wishing you a healthy and "soon" grandchild.

    Happy Pink Saturday. Be sure to stop by my blog to participate in my gift certificate giveaway.

  13. Oh my goodness!! That little girl is stubborn! I came here expecting to see new pics of the grand girlie. Whisper to her that she really needs to make her debut here next Saturday!! Love and pink hugs!

  14. ♥Keeping that little one close in prayer. She needs to come out and see everyone!♥

  15. Oh good lord in heaven that poor little Mommy must be in agony. Please come on out right now you little princess. Prayers and Patience to all, Mollye.

  16. Happy Pink Saturday. You will be a Grammie soon! Love the pink tutu. Prayers to you all.

  17. Evidently she's a girl that dances to her own tune! Congratulations and I hope she arrives safely and her and Mama are both healthy. Her name is pretty and I'd love to hear the story behind it, I hope you'll be able to join us, but if not~good luck and congratulations Grammy!

  18. Hi Jane.. I shall have your daughter & granddaugther in our prayers!.. you take care and no worries.. God is great.. good luck & congrats! Happy PS!

  19. Oh you are trying to get that little one to make her way out into this world and we are trying to keep our tiny one in. Kristen has been put on complete bed rest. She keeps having contractions and the dr.'s do not want the baby to come just yet. I made a tutu too....LOL...don't you just love it?? Little girls are so much fun to buy for! Happy belated Pink Saturday.

  20. Hugs and prayers fro you,your sweet daughter and that precious baby. She will be here you can hold and hug her, just you wait a bit and see. I hope the coming week holds all things wonderful..and pink. Again, hug and prayers from Texas for you all.
    P.S. I'm going to become a follower so I can see when little sweetie gets here..:)

  21. Thank you so much for coming over to my blog for a visit and becoming a follower. I feel like today is a special day, because you became my 50Th!!!
    Also, what a special time for you with a new baby on the way. You are going to fall so deeply in love!!!
    We are so excited over our new arrival in the family. I love your post too. I'll be back for more!

  22. Has anything happened since this post? I know you are an anxious Grammy. I've got you all in my prayers. I know sweet Jalina is worth the wait.

    Happy Pink Saturday, Jane.

  23. Thanks for keeping us excited bloggers posted about your little grand girl! I hope her mommy gets her wish and is able to deliver her naturally!

    Happy Pink Sat! Dana

  24. OH DEAR LADY JANE... I also pray that little baby comes soon.
    I will return.
    I have your little pin cushion you sent me sitting on top of my candelabra. I look at it every day and think of you.
    Love Claudie

  25. Patience is a virture and she will be wearing those pretty things soon enough.......I don't blame you one bit tho, Happy Pink Saturday to you and sorry for posting so late, Char