Sunday, December 27, 2009

It is me Jalina Rose...Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Hello to all Grammy's friends...we hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
We had a great Christmas..although my Paw-Paw had the flu!
Do you know I bought my Mommy a present...yep...I did! A silver charm for my Mommy....of a little November is for her charm bracelet...shhh...I am buying that for her for her birthday!
Christmas was so much fun!
I smiled all day....

Ho-Ho left a lottery ticket in my stocking and no...I didn't win for life...but Grammy said I was still a winner because I made her Christmas the best ever.....

I got so many toys.....
And my Grammy got me this worm thing.....I love it! Grammy said Classy Chassy would love it too!

Grammy has lots more pictures to post...but this it it for now! Oh...and Girls remember the TU_TU and fairy wings Grammy made me? Well I went to the mall and had my pictures done in it for a big surprise for Grammy.
Everybody at the studio loved it.
They asked my Mommy if she would sign a modeling release so that they could put it in the window... Grammy will post those pictures as soon as she can!
I'm going to say bye for now girls as GRAMMY and I have to go play with all these new toys! Happy Holidays...Hope your Christmas was as wonderful as mine!


  1. OOO, Lady...she is so so beautiful. How proud all of you are of her. Are ya gonna spoil her? Why, HECK YES !! hAHAA..
    Glad ya'll had a great Christmas....
    love, bj

  2. OOoh Sweetie...
    Jalina Rose is so beautiful. I love the little pink bow in her hair. Isn't it amazing how we can suddenly become the best writers for these grandkids. We always know what they are thinking. She is so precious. I cannot wait to see the pics of her in the tu-tu. She has beautiful eyes that just talk to the camera. She is going to be a natural.

    I don't even have to ask if you had a great Christmas. It is so obvious with Jalina Rose. Spoil her rotten, and enjoy every minute of her. My oldest turned 14 on Christmas Day. I remember the day she was born. I was so excited for a grandchild. Kain Boy is 2 and he is our youngest this year, but we are expecting our 8th grandchild in June. I can't wait. This will be the last of the Smith babies.

    Thank you for sharing today sweetie. I'll be checking back for that tu-tu pic.

    Happy New Year it is coming quickly. Country hugs and much love...Sherry

  3. Oh my gravy...that is one cute little punkin! She has your mouth and face!! My lil' Emmy got fairy wings, tu tu and a tiara too...must be the "IN" gift for little girls~
    Jalina is going to be so much would be missing out on so much joy if she wasn't here! What a gift to your family!!

  4. Corgi-Mamma...That was a very nice way of saying we both have a very fat face! And that is the way we like it!

  5. How beautiful Jalina is - such great expressions - more to come as she grows! I am so very happy to hear Grammy got her a WORMY to play with! WoRmS are one of the best toys in the world and just wait till she discovers the REAL ones outside!!! I shall have to send her my WORM BOX! (could be used as a purss for her to stash her wormy little friends when she catches them!) Happy New Year to you all!!!

  6. The tu tu is going to be too too cute!!!

    Jalina Rose, what BIG EYES you have!!! Big as silver dollars!

    But your Grammy's eyes are even bigger!!! Because they are so full of love for precious Jalina!!!

    Oooo what a cutie.

  7. You know how much I think that baby is the cutest thing ever! Oh, Jalina, I hope your Grammy brings you to Florida one day to visit me. You are tu-tu cute!

    Jane, she is precious, and something tells me you had the best Christmas ever! I'm so glad!


    Sheila :-)

  8. What a gift from God - she is so beautiful and alert. Sandie

  9. Hello,Thank you so much for stopping by! What sweet pictures of such a sweet little girl!
    Have a happy and blessed New Year!
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  10. dear lady jane,
    jalina rose is as beautiful as her name....gorgeous look at you with those eyes of her and everyone who is anyone will feel their heart melt. can't wait to see her in her tutu.
    i am writing you to wish you a happy new year but i wanted to allso thank you for that darling poem you wrote lady penniwig on 12/28/09 i believe was the date. that was too, too cute.
    i also wanted to tell you i have a new blog called simply can get there from my profile page on there's an angel on my front porch or by the url:
    wishing you all god's blessings for this new year.
    angel hugs