Friday, January 1, 2010


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well my Grammy has a New Years Confession to give.....
My Mommy went back to work last night and it was the first official night of me....
Home Alone with Grammy and my Paw-Paw......
Now don't go blaming my Grammy for all those kisses on my face...
That was my Mommy before she left!
And I know you girls here can keep a secret I'll tell you...Mommy only thinks
I cried, when actually Mommy cried more than me!!!!
And you all know my Grammy did not cry...Well...maybe I did see a lil' tear in her eye when she said Happy New Year Jalina Rose...I love you!
Now back to my Grammys confession...At about quarter to eleven Grammy warmed my bottle, she raised it and said "CHEERS JALINA ROSE"
I could see my Grammy was getting a bit tired and all...I glanced over at the clock on the TV...I saw the counter on the DICK CLARK New Years Eve broadcast...I knew it was NOT MIDNIGHT! But....who was I to tell Grammy she better put her glasses on and check again...her and I were going to wait up and ring in the New Year right!
Then as I was giving the last good burp for 2009....
Grammy began counting...and she was counting backwards at that.....
4(Another burp)
Now this is the really good part...where my Grammy says to me as she tucks me into my bed...
"Jalina Rose...Grammy lied to you about it being Midnight....
BUT it is Midnight out there somewhere in blogland....
Grammy is far to old to stay up for this...And Jalina Rose YOU need your sleep!
2010 is going to be a big year for you! "
I smiled at my Grammy...big year ahead...right...I've gotta work with Grammy on that counting thing..she has it all backwards...I need to teach her how to read a clock...AND I really need to have a talk with her about crying herself to sleep!
Is my Grammy crying because I know she flat out lied to me?
NOPE...Mommy had already warned me that Grammy always set the clock ahead an hour to simulate bedtime! So (wink wink) I knew that already....
Why is Grammy crying then?
Awwwww.....shucks........I think she cried because she really loves me!
Really...from the Bottom of her Grammy heart!
So...just to make Grammy feel better...I pretended to sleep..
Sometimes you just have to tell a few little fibs to those you love!


  1. Oh my gosh....poor Jalina growing up in such a kooky household! Lipstick kisses, crazed clocks, burping, cheers, and an excess of hugs!
    Sigh...she looks so grown up already, and happy, and smiley!
    She'll grow up to be an animated little imp, full of fun and fantasy and just a dash of cuckiness....all inherited from her dear ol' Grammy!

  2. Cutest of the cute! Oh, Jalina Rose, I can tell we're going to be good friends! LOL! Loved you filling us in on what Grammy does in real life. Now, just between you and me, how many bolts of fabrics does she really have???

    Happy New Year, Princess! We are so happy you are here to keep an eye on Lady Jane!


    Sheila :-)

  3. OMG girl, you ought to write a book...a chapter book all about a Grammy and a lil girl named Jalina Rose...I WOULD BUY IT, I WILL PREPAY A COPY RIGHT NOW -- what darling stories you tell -- us who are NOT grammies could read the book and be all happy despite our grammiless state, sharing in the love for the granddaughters out there!!!

    Happy New Year Lady Jane and Jalina Rose!!! Jalina, you are SO right about your Grammy, isn't she a silly one, but we love her despite her problems counting and tell time...I know you will be patient with her, she's going to cry ALOT, I'll just warn you...she's SENTIMENTAL...

  4. i adore this!
    i adore her and you!
    and can truly feel the love in your heart for this bundle of joy!

    happy new year dear one.

  5. Beautiful New Years Baby...hope your New Year brings you all the joy and blessing your heart desires.

  6. :) Adorable!
    Happy New Year!


  7. She is a living doll. She seems really alert for being so young - I mean it - she's looking right at the camera.

    You are going to have so much fun in the future with her. So wonderful to look at and so wonderful to hold.

    So many things to dress little girls in compared to little boys.

    That lipstick kisses on her - so adorable.

    Beautiful, beautiful, baby girl.

    Have fun.

  8. Hello Lady Jane
    Thank you so much for visiting over at my place and for entering my giveaway.
    happy New year
    ~ Tina

  9. Wow - I'm late catching up on your posts - since blogger does not update you on my dashboard, I have to 'manually' go to your site to see what is what! Lovely post here - you are getting so creative with words and photos and - you plum amaze me! Must be due to 'grammy-hood'!!!