Saturday, March 12, 2011

DiD SoMeBoDy SaY GReEn?????

Well it tis' a Fine Pink and Green Saturday.....
And it is time to let me think here....
Something Green to share????
The girls over at Beverlys How Sweet the Sound.....they are writing about Green and Pink you say?
Well I have a Pink Table......
I am making a St. Pattys card for my Irish Pa-Pa....
And my Gee-Gee is so busy sewing the last of my
Leprechaun Costume for the
The pageant is today girls...wish me luck!
I'll just keep busy composing a little post for all my girlfriends...
Let me just get this cap off again.....

             There we go girls....the cap is off....
Oh NO....
Why is Gee-Gee saying
I know I am in TrOuBle when she adds the Rose part to my name...
But it was a Pink and Green Post..and I am going to
be a LEPRECHAUN today....
Why do you look GREEN Gee-Gee?
Are you thinking my Mommy will be seeing RED?

Well girls really...I will turn on my charm...I will give Gee-Gee my most precious
GrEeN SMiLe.....
Oh yeah...
She is filling the Tubby-tub....
She is mumbling...but laughing.....
She said to tell you all that ....
No Grandchildren were harmed in the making of this post.
She said the girls had better click is a link to Beverly and
How Sweet the Sound.
She said she will share pictures of me next week from the pageant....
My Gee-Gee loves me and wants me to have so much fun at the Irish Pageant...
She told me it is about chasing rainbow dreams...
Aw shucks she said I am her pot of gold...
She said JALINA are a "REAL WINNER"...
Every single day!
Happy St. Patricks Day girls....


  1. Ohmygosh...way toooooo cute!
    Happy pink and green Saturday!!!

  2. She is the cutest Irish princess! Hope the leprechauns bring her luck! I wonder if that marker was yummy? Thank heavens for little girls and washable crayola markers! Linda

  3. Oh Lady Jane, this is the most precious post ever. Jalina Rose is so darling. You are a lucky grandma.

    Happy Pageant and Pink Saturday. Give Jalina Rose a big hug for me. My granddaughter's name is Molly Rose. Rose in any name is beautiful.

    Warm hugs, Jeanne

    PS: the card is from Google. I love Google. Smile.

  4. What an adorable post! This is what childhood is all about; fun! She's a cutie-pie! Happy Pink Saturday weekend and thanks for sharing.


  5. Hehe is so precious too cute.. happy Pink Saturday/....

    mine is here

  6. Can I say that JALINA ROSE is A D O R A B L E ?
    Whether she is green or not she is adorable! I hope she wins today. You are such a great grandmother.

  7. oh what a sweetheart! can't wait to see her leprechaun costume!! she's adorable!! thanks for visiting and following my blog, i'm your newest follower! :)

  8. Good afternoon Miss Jane
    I hope your at the Pageant winning with that sweet little princess. I'm rooting for you.
    I'm green with envy : )
    Happy PS Miss Jane
    Love You
    Love Me

  9. How could anyone be in trouble with a cute face like that??!! So what's she green, that's what soap and water's for......right? HA!
    She sure looks like she is having the best time, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  10. The absolutely best PS post I've seen! Jalina's kilo watt smile just melted my heart! She truly is the cutest little Leprechaun in blog land!

    Happy Pink and Green Saturday
    Deanna :D

  11. Oh Lady Jane Sweetie...
    Ms Jalina Rose is SO precious, right down to the little green marks on her tum tum. I love it. Is she not precious?

    Your writing was perfect today. I so enjoyed reading along. How cute this was. Now I have to know, did you get the leprechaun costume finished? Where are the pics? Did she win? Well she sure did in my book this evening.

    Oh so precious and thank you for taking me along sweet friend. I enjoyed myself immensely. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  12. Big smile from me!

  13. Adorable children just doing their fun pins and greens.

  14. Well, Happy Pink and Green Saturday, Miss Jalina Rose. You are definitely the cutest leprechaun I've ever seen. Did the judges agree?♥

  15. Had to stop by and say hello and thanks for visiting my blog and complimenting my Basil Bunny!
    He certainly could do with company and loved your two adorable bunnies! He could bring more carrots for tea!! LOL!
    What a precious sweetheart is Jalina Rose!! Anybody's heart would melt when she turns on that smile!
    Best wishes

  16. Lady Jane!!! Thanks for your visit! I did not realize that you had done several posts. I missed those somehow. I read back over all of them and wow you have been busy. Love the porch ladies. Awesome! I can't believe Jalina is one already! My newest granddaughter Kaylyn was born on Nov 13th. So she is now 4 months old. I just wish I was closer to my granddaughters. Hard to see them often when we are in California and they are way over in Florida. Did you visit my craft blog yet? I have done more in my sewing/play room!


  17. the you ever discipline a child with a face like that?????
    Lordy...what an imp. She's loved to death, it's pretty obvious Jane dear!!