Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OuR SiLlY LiTtLe LePrEcHaUn

Top of the Mornin' to you lovely ladies! And Happy St. Patrick's Day of course!
Today we are joining a new linky party
Over at the cutest blog NIGHT OWL CRAFTING....
The linky party is Hoooooo's Got Talent!
Click on the Button on our side will take you there! 
For those of you whom have never met us...
I am Jalina Rose....
My Grammys little Leprechaun.....
My Grammy is LadyJane from
We both hope you do an Irish Dance over to visit us....

Now my dear new friends I don't want to be a braggin here...
One night before my bedtime my Grammy laid me down on
a SpaRkLy piece of green fabric....
My Grammy knew I needed a Theme-wear outfit for the
Irish Princess Pageant!
My Grammy started tracing...and drawing....
I went to bed...
My Grammy snipped away...
She sewed many long nights...And it is ME that is
usually the night owl...Not my Grammy!
But can you believe the
SiLLy LiTtLe LePrEcHaUn
she made me?
Happy St. Patty's Day New Friends!


  1. Oh my goodness, how CUTE!! I love it!! Thank you so much for inviting me over! I would love for you to link this project up on my page as well... we've got lots of moms who would love it! I actually have a linky party every Tuesday that runs all week, come check it out if you have a chance. :)

  2. Let me catch my breathe. Chatty is at a loss for words. Your granddaughter is PRECIOUS! BEAUTIFUL AND SWEET! I remember her as a baby!

    And you are so talented - how in the world did you find me and follow me - I am ashamed at how UNTALENTED I am at ... well almsot anything but talking!

    You are an ARTIST!

    Dang and I am a chattier ?


  3. With your creativity and artistic flair Jane dear, I predict MANY future pageants, ribbons, trophies and paid college tuitions in little Jalina's future! That girl has the most perfect grammy in the world. What fun for you all! That little green outfit is absolutely darling! NO ONE will have anything like it. Love those shamrock buttons, and oh my...those little gold mary janes! I'd wrestle her for those babies!

  4. omg is she the sweetest. love the outfit good job jane!