Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hoppin in again for REDNESDAY

Morning Ladies! Happy Rednesday to you all! Well I've been very busy as you all know and finally getting around to some of my favorites blogs to visit. I stopped in over at SUE LOVES CHERRIES and it made my Heart sing..she has the sweetest blog! So...I decided to share in the fun of her Rednesday!

Today I'm sharing a few things...first are a sneak peek at my Bunnies I created for a challenge over at Ravenswoodwhimzies my pic of the bunny on the sidebar to take you there! My bunnies are the owners of BASIL FARMS and later I will post more pics of them and the story of how they met. So stay tuned for that.

Since it is almost St. Pattys Day I decided to share one of my PORCH FOLK Dolls with you that was a custom order for an Irish shop. Her name is Bridget and she manages the shop. Please notice her red hair...and her lovely red hair ornament!  She is dressed in a lovely satin Green and red dress that is from Ireland! I hope to be posting more pictures of my PORCH FOLK which is an original pattern I have created. Each of the dolls are custom made and designed to fit the personality of your choice. You can e-mail me for details if you want to consider one for your shop or front porch...they are adorable. I hope to share soon more pics of completed ones.

Bridget and I send wishes for a wonderful St. Pats. Day to you all and wishes the luck of the Irish to you!  Thank you Sweet Sue for letting me participate in Rednesday again! BerryCherry Hugs to you all!


  1. What an adorable bunch of lady bunnies. Love your creation. Job well done.

  2. Bridget is so charming, and I bet she gets alot of attention at that shop! And the bunnies? Oh my goodness, they couldn't be cuter, and you did a fantastic job on their eyes, which can be a real challenge!
    Happy REDnesday!

  3. Hello Lady Jane and Bridget - realize I read the second blog first and the first one second. Now I get it!

    Hey you are good, no great with those dolls.

    I love love love Bridget.

    And you.

  4. Oh, she's lovely! What a great idea you thought of - I wish you success with them. I wouldn't mind having a dress like that - even though I don't wear dresses anymore!