Thursday, January 8, 2009


Ladies,I guess this post is a spill all....thoughts...frustrations....and pure honesty!
First my thoughts on blogging: I began blogging to have my own place to go,release my thoughts,enjoy new friends,share ideas! I am an only child,I left a great paying design job to take care of the needs of my Mom. Any caretakers out there will agree it is not an easy task! And I can share this with blogland because it is my place to go, that my Mom is not an easy person to care for. Before my Dad passed away he pulled me aside,he was concerned with ME being left to care for her,at first I made him a promise to do it...then he made me promise that I would take care of myself as he knew the demands she could place.
Every day of my life I pray the prayer of serenity.......I ask that I can accept the things I can not change! And everyday I thank God for letting me continue on lifes journey without the return of my own bumps in the road progressive remissive MS.
Sometimes I find it frustrating...I would love to have a beautiful blog,I would love to have the time in my life to post beautiful pictures! Heck at this point I would love to just pack away my Christmas tree and thank God for letting me have a Christmas!
I am frustrated in that I would love to have more time to help my daughter set up her apartment. I would love to work on my sewing room!

I love is a free space...there are and shall be NO dictators in blogland.....
I am not sure whom started blogland but if there are RULES to follow and I should miss one....
EXCUSE ME....if I have not used a HYPER link do not e-mail me and tell me ladies INSIST on them.....this is my place! If I choose to do a is a stolen moment in life for me...A chance to take a minute in my life to smell the roses! If you choose to omit those who do not follow your be it!
How sad to see listed below a prayer list a listing of FLAKERS! In blogland you may not know each persons story....Did a husband loose a job? Were there enough presents to go around for 6 children? Not everyone may be sharing their own personal story like I am spilling my guts here....but I refuse to be a friend that is a thorn in your side,a person whom shall not be linked until they FIX something!
Well ladies...there it is ...pure honesty....PERHAPS some blog friendships may be harmed in this post..oh well I rather would have loved and lost than never had the chance at all!
I am not sure how other girls feel about what I have posted,leave a comment if you choose...go to my profile and e-mail me if you prefer!
Whew...I am so glad that is out...I NEED A HUG!


  1. Here's a hug, dearie, from Olde Dame Penniwig -- now let me get my wooden spoon and konk those mean olde busybodies right on their noggins -- THERE! That's done, we all feel better now...oh, they needed that, me I know Bloggies can be fun, and I'm sorry some knuckleheads were bothering ye...just let their nonsense roll off of ye like water off a duck's back, just as ye did, and it's PROUD of ye I am...just keep on keepin' on and hold that head up, MiLady Jane...

  2. Jane....


    Nobody's PERFECKT!


  3. Lol...Thanks ol, dame I needed that giggle..and Diane...a hug back at ya!

  4. Dep Plapp thebee52@verizon.netJanuary 8, 2009 at 12:50 PM

    I just read your blog about being a caregiver to your mother. I'm a nurse in a retirement/nursing home so I know how difficult it can be caring for others, and especially mothers! So far my mom is in pretty good health,(86 y/o) but it is trying just to deal with things that come up every now and then. She won't listen to my advice regarding medical stuff, but when she needs an answer she'll say "You're a nurse, you should know that." Well anyway, I could go on forever, but you're the one who needs to try and take some time for yourself and not let mom suck the life out of you. No one wants to have someone else take care of their loved ones, but you'll burn yourself out and end up feeling crappy 24/7. Well geez, aren't you glad I responded?! I just want you to know you shouldn't feel guilty about your feelings,and you do NEED TIME for yourself without feeling selfish. Plus here's a big HUG for you...OOO I don't have a blog so I'm including my email if you want to talk or anything. Take care, Deb

  5. Not really sure about the entire event that took place...but I offer hugs :)

    Lately, I have had several moments of personal internet angst...sadly there are a few cruel people out there.

    But, so many more who are not! :) let's let them be our partners in this delightful journey :)

  6. Oppps,got called away so the l above was mistake. Thanks girls for the supportive e-mails you have sent,I have not had time to respond to all of them yet...but thanks for making rest assured that this post was the right thing to do...

  7. Oh you have had alot on your shoulders
    ...I am so glad you are enjoying blogland I love it too...
    Thanks so much on the ''birthday post'' and wowowow~up to 8 inches of snow ..Oh mY~!!
    I feel for ya..good luck with that..(:)
    hugs, Patty

  8. Jane I want to give you a gigantic hug thanks so much and thanks for visiting my blog. Here is a great big ((((((( hug ))))))))) for you . THanks I love your site and while I admit I am not perfect I will admit that I am trying to learn and change. This fall/winter we lost our business and thus have fallen short on trying to get all done and then I had a fiasco where my son accidently threw the cards out and I personally am holding him accountable because he needs to learn so he is trying to gather the money to resend these cards etc..... Anyways time was short and he is not quite there but I am sure he will get there. He was employed by Walmart and now lost his job as it was only temp work. But thanks for standing up for those who make mistakes not intentionally but still all the same mistakes

  9. Hi Lady Jane!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

    I personally subscribe to the "Strees-free Blogging" mindset. :)
    I don't have alot of time to spend each week posting and visiting, but I do it when I can and hope to be able to share something positive and fun.
    I'm not very computer saavy and so I haven't figured out how to do many of the RSSfeed/subscribe/Mr.Linky/gadgets...heck, I haven't even figured out how to put a banner on my blog, yet. LOL

    Anyway, just wanted to say that your welcome over at the NieszVintage blog anytime. No rules there. :)


  10. Hi Lady Jane,

    Bravo for your honesty and your forthrightness! This blogland belongs to you in any capacity you want to use it! Life is not perfect and neither are we. What you are going through is so challenging and we often need to vent to make it another day. I enjoyed reading your post and realizing that we all have mountains to get over some times. Having our blogging friends really helps and I hope that you are feeling these warm hugs that are coming your way. If that doesn't work, go stand out side and give a good scream or two. That works for me! Hang in there, Baby. There is a better tomorrow out there for you. I will be back to check in on you!!

  11. Im not sure how blogger has managed to wipe me off your bloggers follow list...but im still here!

  12. Hello Jane, here's a great big hug for ya! I'm so sorry that you were upset, and I know just what you mean about having time. Although I'm not taking care of my Mom(already did that) I'm just a busy bee otherwise. I just scrolled your blog and loved all your posts, rose wed. linens were beautiful. I'm trying to find more time to visit blogs, I enjoy it so much!
    Bless You! Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  13. Jane, I'm so sorry about everything going on in your life. Blogging should be a joy, and I want that for all of us. I have no idea what happened, but I want you to know I love you as if I have known you my whole life. (And I'm not just saying that to soften you up to get some fabric! ;-) I really do. Lady Jane, you are a bright spot in my day, and your precious wit and kind heart show in every post. The word "Lady" is aptly placed before your name, and I feel BLESSED to know you.

    You are so right. No one knows what each of us is going through in our lives, and kindness should always be the order of the day. I'm so sorry for your pain because you have brought nothing but joy and smiles to my life. Please don't let one bad encounter sour it for you, sweet friend. I don't want to lose your fun posts and appearances. I would miss you terribly. Just remember there are people who think the world of you. Me, being one of them. I would even ship you a bolt of fabric to prove it! Well, maybe. ;-)

    Love you lots,

    Sheila :-)

  14. I totally can feel you and this post! Im like you sometimes just need a breather from life and kids and that is what blogging does for me. The last thing any busy person let a lone a mom or sweet person like you need is any kind of drama. Life already has enough problems!!! You are a sweet sweet person especially helping your mom!!! I know how it is...and may God bless you for everything you are doing! Im here for you ok when you need me or need to talk and Im glad you can be so honest!!!

    hugs and kisses

  15. Thanks girls....
    You are truly what I needed to make today a better blogging day! All of your comments are wonderful,all of your hugs were gathered up in my heart! I am so glad that my post was not the wrong thing to do,and that the show of TRUE friendship shines thru in blogland!

    *Muse, I am not sure how YOU of all folks were eliminated...blogger has a strange way of her own sometimes...
    *Shop Annies...Mistakes happen,it does not mean you are a stealing...your friendship and kind words are MORE IMPORTANT than any package that could be sent!
    *Priscila,All your words are wonderful!
    * TO ALL of you ...Things said like are ALWAYS rules here,you can talk to me ,be honest! THAT IS WHY I AM HERE...and will not let one sour grape ruin this whole BUNCH!

    I also got a lot of wonderful e-mails...full of hugs and support,and one gal even said that my honesty and standing up for what seems so hypercritical (love that she tied in the "hyper" ) to list people whom have made mistakes!
    I really smiled at the e-mail saying that the post I was so heartfelt about was going to be a blog that gals looked up to and wanted to participate in MORE than all the TEA in China! I guess that one really summed it up...

    P.S.And my Dear Ms. Magpie..You always say the right things....with true wisdom...and I feel this good...what would a bolt...or lol...a few yards of a beautiful pink tiole do for me! LOL AGAIN!

  16. Dearest Jane, would you settle for a wee sample of toile, as is in a snippet from the fabric store! LOL! I don't have one bolt of toile. Don't know why, but I don't.

    Glad you're feeling better! Come by and pick up a little something on my blog. It's not toile, but it might make you smile.


    Sheila :-)

  17. Hi Jane,
    Wow! I am so happy to hear HONESTY! It is a trait I hold dear.

    You are not alone. I have a Mom I care for too. Only in my situation today, I am blessed that she can live in our one bedroom on our property on her own. We are right here, but she manages. She will be 81 on Sunday. We have not always got on well together either. I have a brother, but most of the time I might as well be an only child. My husband is out of work and it has been a very long time. My 4 year old has developmental delays and is a big handful (but the most adorable handful at the same time). Our friends paid our rent for January. Our church gave us 2 $300 gift cards for food over the last six weeks. There is more but I do not need to continue because I know you understand.

    Blogging is the greatest and cheapest therapy I have ever done! LOL You are so right about that. I want to thank you for sharing your heart and your life with us. We are human first always. :)

    Along with a very warm hug, I send you prayers. The Serenity Prayer is part of my daily life too.

    Please continue to blog because you helped me today and I want to be able to help you too.

    Have a very blessed day and again, I thank you for the chance to be real.
    Blessings to you.

    Everything you said in your post is so true. I just got my Christmas stuff down. Except that at my feet right now are

  18. OOPS!!
    Everything you said in your post is so true. I just got my Christmas stuff down. Except that at my feet right now are at me feet! LOL LOL

    P.S. Jane, I LOVE making banner's and I will make whatever you like for your blog. Just let me know if I can help.

  19. Here is something that may help a little bit... You are the winner of my giveaway!! Please email me your address so I can send you your tote bag!!! Hope I brought a smile to your face!! Have a great weekend!

  20. Ah Lady Jane ...I see I have returned...just as any good Muse should!
    Sending you hugs this moment! :)

  21. Am I too late to give you a hug? Here it is..
    Yesterday was the very first day that I saw the word FLAKERS on a blog that I USED to visit regularly. I was just absolutely dumb-founded. Also, broken hearted. I have always been so proud of Blogland, where everyone is so sweet and understanding and most seem full of the Christian faith. Love for one another has always seemed to rule here. But...I was in for a rude awakening when I saw that WORD. It is very hard for me to understand how someone can be cruel enuf to POST A NAME like FLAKER on their blog about someone they know NOTHING about...nothing about their business..nothing. How much kinder it would have been to just ignore the whole thing and get in contact with that person to see if there was something they could do to HELP.
    Better get down off my soapbox...and visit more pink.
    Pls. come visit when you have time...
    xo bj

  22. Big ((((hugs)))) to you, Lady Jane! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Since I'm a new follower, I missed the drama. Don't let the meanies spoil your enjoyment of's a wonderful place to be!

  23. (((Jane))) I cane to wish you a happy pink Saturday but had to respond to this post instead. I also left a good paying job to take care of my mom. She also isn't the easiest to live with but she seems to be getting better (mood wise).
    I am taking college courses for a job that I can do from home and still be here for her. If you need some one to gripe at or commiserate with about being stuck home all day with a little old lady...feel free to email me. I really do know what you are going through!

  24. Wow, great post. No, you are no way too late to join up. This started as just a post to vent but I'm really trying to organize it now. Consider yourself a member, just remember to always pay your dues which you are already doing a good job of. I really loved your comment to Pam on sending your gift. Would you believe some of my friends have received demands as to when gifts are going to be mailed? OMG!!! I agree, no one is paying me by the hour for my blog, so I'll do and say what I want as I want(as long as it's legal). I didn't even know there were "rules". I have no idea what a hyperlink is. If I have 'em it's strictly by accident. And what the heck is a "flaker"? How dare anyone insist on anything. I could insist they not be rude. Think that would work? I think one of our goals will be to ferret this folks out and ignore them altogether. I had enough of that is high school. Little too old for that crap now. Right? On a side note, I took care of my mother for 3 years so I know how difficult it can be. I'll keep you in my prayers because in time it is worth it. At the time, it turned my life upside down but I landed right side up. I'll add you to my bloglist(is that a hyperlink?). And please, help yourself to the button. I'm going to try and come up with something better, but for now, that's all I got. I'm still learning too!!! Debbie

  25. Wow! What is wrong with people?! I must say...kindness and courtesy...where have they gone? Why would anyone be so rude? I agree with "Talking Trash"...that is such high school behaviour...we're too old for that!
    We are all learning and growing and dealing with our own lives at home...blogging should be fun and friendly! That is what my experience has been so far...I'm sorry it's been different for you. Like "Talking Trash" said, maybe we can find out who these nasty bloggers are and just ignore them...if they can't play nice they shouldn't play at all!!!
    Hugs to you!

  26. So sorry you had a bad experience. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Here's to a nice 2009 with NICE bloggers.

    All the best,

  27. Big hugs for you. (((( ))))) I don't know what happened and I am sorry it did. I had my first upsetting comment the other day and it really floored me. You are so right...people have no idea what is going on in other people's lives...their up and downs and whatever. I firmly believe in that old saying "If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all." Take time for yourself. Hugs again, Lynn