Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baby Steps for Pink Saturday

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Little Baby Steps towards finding a cure...All of the PINK SATURDAY GIRLS know about my FAITHFUL FRANNIE DOLLS, my dedication to donating for Breast Cancer Research,and spreading FAITH, HOPE and LOVE to all those affected by this. I realize that what I personally can do is only a Baby Step...but I will March on foot in front of the other.....
So far girls...I have over $200.00 to donate to a local charter. I have had girls e-mail me for other here I am...putting my best lil' foot forward...
No two will be exactly alike ,each will be unique...created with Love... available in my ETSY store or e-mail me for a custom order...pray for WOMEN everywhere....WE are going to find a cure!
Please join Beverly at How Sweet The and all the all their pinkness...
Step forward with me sweet does it sound?.......we can together stomp out Breast Baby Step at a time! Faith.Hope and Love to you all!


  1. So adorable!

    Thanks for visiting. Those pink roses just make my heart go pitter patter.

  2. That is very cute. Good luck with your efforts to raise money. What a wonderful cause!

    take care,

  3. You go girlfriend! That's a worthy cause and what you made is just lovely.......
    Ooooh and happy pink saturday

  4. Jane.. this little shoe is soooo cute! I love it. It's a wonderful way to raise money for one of my favorite charities... I do the Susan K walk every year!

    blessings. Dixie

    ps... you do have the heart of a Cowgirl... even in an award free zone... ;)

  5. Baby steps and jewels. It's the only way to fight this terrible thing called cancer.
    I'm glad you enjoyed my PS today Lady Jane.
    I love You

  6. I just l♥ve Pink Saturday. Not only is it my favorite color, I get to see all of the beautiful blogs created by some of the most artistic people on the web. Thanks so much!

    The little shoe is precious!

  7. These are wonderful , and a wonderful thing that you are doing. Happy Pink Saturday.

  8. These are just lovely , and a wonderful thing that you are doing. Happy Pink Saturday.

  9. You've been a very busy girl this week. This is an honorable thing that you're doing.
    Your pink creations are just lovely, and doing something good at the same time!
    I told our galpal in TX that the motorhome could be fired up and full of snarling corgis any ol' time, and we could go hunting for label lovin' wenches in a minute....after we swing by to pick you up first!

  10. What a lovely post. and a big heart you have. and a nice post on Vintage Thingy Thursday with that lamp.

  11. Good Afternoon, dear Lady...
    Cutest little foot going forward!! You know how this is my favorite cause, too. Maybe if we all keep working together, keep this dreaded disease on the minds of ladies, just maybe we can kick this disease in the butt for good someday.
    May I post a pic. of your dolls on my blog? Just to bring them up to the front? If they appeal to just a few and those few order dolls from you, just that much more for the cure...
    hugs, bj

  12. Jane, you are doing such a wonderful thing to help so many. You make me proud.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  13. My, what a nice post. Happy PS!

  14. Good for you and your determination...and thank you!

    Have a lovely Pink Saturday!

  15. Beautiful pink baby shoes. What a lovely pink creation and for a great cause. You go girl.

    Thanks for your sweet comments about our son. He is loving and kind and doesn't think he is handsome. We are so lucky.


  16. Hi Jane.. do you think that shoe fits me? hehehehehe I want one too! happy pink saturday & have a great weekend!

  17. Happy Pink Saturday Jane
    I have a special person that is a breast cancer survivor!


  18. That little shoe is adorable! One of my dearest friends died of breast cancer. What a wonderful thing you are doing to raise money for cancer research.

  19. What a sweet little shoe and what a nice thing you are doing. Happy Pink Day!

  20. Lady Jane, those are adorable. They make me smile just to look at them! PRECIOUS! The charms on the tiny laces are pure genius.

  21. What a wonderful thing you are doing! I have read about your Frannie dolls in other blogs. I'm new to the group and will be posting on Saturday. I am trying to take quick peeks at everyone's blog before Saturday...there are so many of you! Hope to see you Saturday.


  22. That is so cute, happy belated pink Saturday.

  23. I thought about you yesterday, I pulled out some fabric just to ogle it. LOL!


    Sheila :-)